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Exploring the buildings around us-Shooting Star January 9th-12th

地域の建物を探しに  Shooting Starクラス 1月9日から12日より

Hello Everyone,


As we welcomed the new year 2024 with great excitement, we have also prepared ourselves to embrace the possible challenges that would lie ahead of us. Shooting Star class is known to be risk-takers by which we always turn every obstacles into meaningful learning opportunities.

喜ばしい期待と共に新たに2024年を迎えまして、今後の課題に取り組む準備が出来ております。Shooting Starクラスの子供達は充実した学びの機会に課題を用意することによって新しいことに挑戦することが分かります。

This week, we have embarked our UOI journey to unit four with our Transdisciplinary Theme, How We Organize Ourselves. Our Central idea is, Community helpers keep us safe and healthy. And our first line of inquiry is, Helpers in our community. We will be focusing on community helpers as well as the buildings where they work on our first line of inquiry. To start with this unit, we did a mind map on what a community helper is as our prior knowledge activity. Students answers were recorder on a big paper such as lawyer, class leader, mommy, etc. Then teacher introduced other community helpers with flashcards. Then we went for a walk to explore many buildings around us where community helpers work. We asked the questions, What building is it/that? Who work here/there? An we learned the phrases, go straight, turn right, and turn left.

今週、それは学びのテーマである「どのように自分自身を表現するか」というunit4のUOIの学びが始まりました。一番の学びは地域で働く人々はみんなの安全と健康に関わっているという内容です。そして私達の最初の探求は地域での働く方々です。その方々に注目するのと同時に最初の探求である職場である建物に焦点を当てていきます。このunitの始まりとして、地域の働く方々を事前の活動の知識を予備知識で確認しました。大きな模造紙に子供達の答えた内容を、弁護士、クラスの当番、お母さん、などの様に書き込みました。そして先生がカードでその職業を紹介しました。そこでみんなで地域の方々が働く多くの建物を探しに散歩に出掛けました。What building is it/that? Who work here/there? An we learned the phrases, go straight, turn right, and turn left.などの質問を子供達にしながら歩きました。

We had our Gym lesson. Students actively engaged in all movements from the physical exercise to race, down to rolling on the mat activity.


This week, we started reading the book with the -at and -am word family. To make it fun, first we sing the jump out words song as some of the words in the book are found on our displayed jump out words on the wall, then everyone has their red and blue colored pencil on the table, red for underlining the CVC words and blue for jump out words. Then, each student gets a book and we turn to each page at the same time to make sure that everyone is following and doing the task correctly. By the way, we spend two days for each book, first day, underlining the CVC and jump out words and the second day, reading altogether. Then, on the third day, students take the book home.

今週、-atと-amのつく語彙の本を読み始めました。楽しく学ぶのにまず、壁に貼ってあるjump out を歌い、その時に本にある語彙が壁に貼ってある同じ語彙を見つけながら歌いました。そしてみんな赤と青色の色鉛筆でCVC wordsには赤線を、jump out wordsには青線を引きました。一人一人がその冊子を使いページをめくると同時にみんながきちんとついてきているのかを確認しました。一冊を2日かけて読んでいきます。初日はCVC wordとjump out wordsに下線を引き、二日目には一斉に読みました。そして3日目にはその本を持ち帰ります。

To make our week even more fun, we walked to the park and played a lot.


Have a great weekend everyone.