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What is a plant? MW 5/27-5/31

Plants are everywhere! Since we learned about plants, everytime we go outside students would always say “This is a plant!” or “I found a plant!”.  After collecting samples of plants at the park and making a bracelet using plants, we made another craft to show the different parts of a plant. They mixed and matched the real plant materials to make a plant showing its parts such as flower, stem, leaves, and roots. We take note of this, not all plants have flowers.

For our Show and Tell activity, students brought photos of their plants at home or in their garden. We got many photos of various plants and everybody was excited to have their turn to show their photos and to see what their friends have. We tried to explain why it is a plant in front of the class.  “Good morning/afternoon, everyone! This is my plant. This is a plant because it has …” The Show and Tell activity will continue next week for those who haven’t had their turn. Thank you so much, dear parents, for taking time to take photos of your plants and sharing it with our class. We appreciate your time and effort.

We finally opened our restaurant area in the classroom. Before playing, we practiced saying restaurant phrases for servers and customers which will give them confidence and encourage them to speak English even when playing. Here are some of the phrases we learned that you may also practice at home or when you go to a restaurant:

  • Welcome to the restaurant!
  • A table for 3 please.
  • Excuse me, can we have the menu?
  • Hi. May I take your order?
  • Yes, I would like to have ______ and _______.
  • Would you like anything else?
  • For here or to go?
  • For here, please.
  • Can we have the bill please?
  • Thank you. Please come again!

Do you have money to buy food at the restaurant? What should you do to have money? “We need to work!”  They worked for Ms. Fronie! They helped Ms. Fronie cut the coin pictures and after that she gave each of them 1 thousand yen for working very hard. “I want to work again tomorrow! I want to have more money!”

In Phonics, we played “I have…Who has…? card game to review reading Magic E words. After trying twice, we successfully did it without any interruptions where all the students were sitting nicely, listening to the person who was reading, waiting for their turn attentively, and reading the words they got. Great job, Milky Way!

Have a nice rest of the weekend!