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Milky Way’s Community Helper Puppets

In this week’s UOI, our class focused entirely on Community Helpers and the roles that they play in the world that we live in. This was definitely a fun lesson for the kids as they make their own Community Helper Puppets.


In the first part of our lesson, we had a fun little lesson to know more about Community Helpers. This was a great topic to introduce the concept of responsibility to the kids, which is what our first line of inquiry is all about. We learned in class that each of the Community Helpers has a role to play and responsibilities to fulfill. They are like part of a team and if one does not do his or her role, the community will have a problem. 


After learning about the concepts of roles and responsibilities, it is time for puppet making! First, they chose which community helper they want to be when they grow up. Then, using a paper bag and some colored paper the students designed clothes of their community helpers. They even added some extra props and tools for their puppets. 


One by one, they presented in front of the class with their puppets, describing its role and responsibilities. We even had a role-playing challenge, where they solved problems related to the job of their community helper. It was a fun activity to end the week!

このパペットを使って、一人ずつ前に出て発表をしました。発表する子は自分の名前、職業、どんな責任を担っているかを発表して、発表を見ているお友達は「Hello, doctor 〇〇! こんにちは、医者の〇〇さん!」と挨拶をしました。クラスの中でグループを作り、問題が起きた時の対応をする寸劇もしました。「猫が木から降りられなくなっちゃった。誰が助けるの?」、「小屋が火事で燃えている!誰が助けてくれる?」など状況に応じて地域で働く方たち(Milky Wayのお友達)が動いてくれました!地域の方たちがどんな役割をしているのか、楽しみながら理解することが出来ました。

In Tennis, the students are getting comfortable in holding the big tennis rackets! This week, we practiced hitting the tennis balls with our foot, bare hands, and tennis racket. The Milky Way kids still need practice, but they are getting better and better every week. 


In Gym, we started practicing for the Sport’s Day! We practiced doing the relay and we also practiced our first formation for our dance performance. We still have a lot of things to work out, so we better have to start preparing early!

Thank you for reading our blog! Until next time!