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Harvest Time! (Milky Way)

This week is shorter than usual, but we still had a lot of fun in the Milky Way class. Last spring, we had a planting activity where we planted different kinds of vegetables. We mixed our own soil and planted the seeds ourselves. It was a really fun activity! This week, we get to finally harvest the fruits of our labor! Each of the Milky Way kids got to pick beans that they can bring home. We are just so glad that our plants have provided just enough beans for the students to get one each.


In UOI, we learned that there are several steps to achieve teamwork. The first step is to Know the Goal. We had fun activities in connection with this activity last week. This week, we focused on the second step which is Do your Role. We had a game called Transfer the Cup, where each team was asked to move the cup from one table to another using only a rubber band with strings attached to it. At first, the students had a hard time moving the cups because not everyone is pulling their strings. When they realized that they should each do their roles in pulling the strings the task became easier for them. They even successfully made a pyramid of cups using only the rubber with strings!


In Phonics, we focused on reading and writing three-letter blend words. The Milky Way kids are getting better and better at using the sounding out strategy. This is the strategy where they sound out each of the letters in a word to read or spell it. We had fun games and we also looked for three-letter blend words in our books so we can get familiar with them.


Thank you all for reading our blog! Until next time!