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Rainbow March 19-23, 2018

Hello Parents!
Yay, Spring is here.
This week, we had a birthday party hosted by Mr. Daniel which our young ones enjoyed at. Mr. Daniel read a story “There’s A Shark In The Park” and all the ISN members were entertained by the story. Two of our Rainbow members received a birthday card. Happy birthday!

Our Music Class was full of fun too! Our angels couldn’t help themselves, but laugh when it’s circle time activity for “Merry Go Round the Mulberry Bush”Amazingly, our angels are becoming more interested in Music.

For our circle time lessons, we reviewed the alphabet from A-Z. We also reviewed the numbers from 1-30. Then we did a missing number activity from 1-10. Yay! Our youngsters did it very well. Good job, Rainbow!

Our young ones drew a flower for our Graduation Ceremony poster. Look what they did. Congratulations to the graduates!

This week’s snow probably the last snowfall of the year. Our angels didn’t miss the chance playing with snow. They had lots of fun making the snow ball and snow man. Rainbow and Meadow walked to the park together.

Have a wonderful weekend!