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Develop social skills through water play- Rainbow(July 19-22)

水遊びを通して社会性を伸ばす  Rainbowクラスより 7月19日から22日

Hello everyone,


Here’s another fun week of Rainbow class. Some days were not suitable for pool play and at last, we were able to enjoy getting in the water twice this week. Our youngsters love splashing and pouring water over their bodies. They learn how to share and take turns as they share the physical space and the play items in the water. Getting soaked with water kept them cool and had a sound sleep after lunch.


Fruit Craft


This week, we have made our fruit craft. We made a watermelon craft. Before we started painting, we explained and showed the kids the example of the craft we have made. Our youngsters enjoyed painting the paper plate red, green, and yellow. They love touching the paint and they get good using the paintbrush.


Getting ready for the Sports Festival.


We still have months way to go before the Sports Festival. However, we want to take time to get used to the rules and practice the games until the day. Our youngsters did a good job starting with answering ” I’m here!” when their names were called. Then, we did a race. They ran as fast as they can until they reached the goal. They also did an effort to throw balls to the basket. Each of them has an idea of how to collect and carry the balls. Well done, Rainbow.

スポーツフェスティバルまでまだ数か月ありますが、やり方に慣れるために時間を取って当日までに練習しています。子供達は 自分の名前が呼ばれると” I’m here!” とお返事して走り出すのを頑張りました。みんなかけっこをしました。ゴールを目指して出来るだけ速く走りました。またかごにボールを一生懸命投げました。子供達はどのようにボールを拾い、投げるか良く知っています。上手だったよ、Rainbowクラスのお友達!

Thank you for reading. Have a safe and fantastic weekend!