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Rainbow:Introduction to Sea animals (June 5th~9th)

Jacques Cousteau, a French oceanographer once said ,”once the sea casts its spell, it holds one in its net of wonder forever.”Our topic for the month of June is “sea animals” and these words uttered by Jacques have set the tone for our lessons this month. Animals in general are fascinating but there’s something about sea animals that elevates this fascination to another level. Rainbow will spend this month exploring the sea and learning about all its marvelous creatures bit by bit.

Jacques Cousteauというフランスの海洋自然科学者は、「一度海が呪文を唱えると、我々を永遠に驚異の網の中に閉じ込めてしまう」と言いました。今月のトピックは、まさにJacquesさんが言うこの驚異の世界”sea animals”です。動物は一般的に魅力的な題材ですが、海の生物となると興味は更につきません!レインボークラスでは、今月の1か月をSeaAnimalsをレッスンに学び、海や海に住む生き物について少しずつ探求していきます!

Vertebrates and Invertebrates

This week we focused on learning about 6 sea animals . These are the shark, whale, dolphin, starfish, jellyfish and octopus. “Takoyaki” also known as grilled octopus dumplings, is a famous snack in Japan liked by kids and adults alike. Just the other day, I asked one of the students If they knew what takoyaki is made from and they were surprised and fascinated by the fact that octopus is the main ingredient of this snack!

今週は、6種類のSea Animalsについて学びました。shark, whale, dolphin, starfish, jellyfish,octopusなどです。たこ焼きは、大人も子どもも大好きな日本でもとてもポピュラーなおやつですが、みんなが学んだ”octopus”がメインで中に入っていると知り、びっくりしていました!!

Fun at North Shonai park

It was our first time going to north Shonai park and everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly. This park is bigger than the ones we have been to so far. The students had more room to explore so by the time nap time came around most of them fell asleep quite easily. It’s important for kids to get enough sleep because the growth hormone is produced during sleep. We try our very best to make sure that our students play hard so that nap time is a breeze for them.


Morning circle time

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with the alphabet through singing the ABC song, storytelling et cetera, we began learning about phonics. The target letters for this month are a, b and c . When the teacher says the letters students respond by chanting the corresponding phonics sound. For example the teacher says “A” and the students roar ” ah ah ah!” Everyone gives their very best during lessons and it makes us very proud to witness their steady development everyday.


Next week the weather is predicted to be fairly fine so we will take full advantage of this and make sure to have lots of fun outdoors! Until next week, it’s bye bye from Rainbow . Stay safe and have an awesome weekend!