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“Best Day Ever” – Savanna 6/5 ~ 6/9

What could be better than a day spent with parents?

This week held the Open-School day of our class! It was attended by our loving and supportive parents. During the event, the students showcased their different talents: Singing, dancing, and their ability to sit down and stay focused for a long time.



We ended the event by treating the parents with a show-and-tell presentation. The kids flaunted their craft and shared some information about it like What is it called, who uses it, and what for, and even showed them how it is being used. Cute!


Albeit nervous and shy to have their parents in their classroom, the Savanna class wrapped up the event with flying colors! Hooray!

After trying different games and activities to help us learn to read word families, we ended the lessons by doing some cut-and-paste activities where the students need to read the word and match it with the images. Most of them were able to read the words and find their match! Awesome!

保護者の方が教室にいらっしゃるということで、緊張したり恥ずかしがったりしながらも、サバンナクラスは見事にイベントを成功させました!Great job!!


Our skit for our inquiry is still in progress. After gathering information about the roles and responsibilities of our family members, it’s time for the students to mimic them and feel how is it like to be a mom, dad, or whoever in the family. They have already named their family group and decided on the story and lines. We all can’t wait to finalize the skit and see the performance of their lives. Exciting!


It has only been a couple of months since the first day of school passed, but we have already learned a lot and have been very productive. We are all excited about the upcoming events and fun learning, but as challenging every day could be, we are determined to make every day the BEST DAY EVER!

サバンナクラスに進級してからまだ2ヶ月しか経っていませんが、私たちはすでに多くのことを学び、とても充実した日々を過ごしています。これから始まるイベントや楽しい学習にみんなワクワクしています。しかし、毎日が新しいことへの挑戦です。一日一日を大切に、その日をBEST DAYに出来るように頑張っています!

クラスでいつも歌っている歌を紹介します。Jump our words Vol.1

こちらは、みんなの大好きなGood bye songです。

See you in the next blog! Tata!