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Rainbow: A Cheese and Tomato Spider (July 18th~21st)

Welcome to Rainbow’s third blog of the month of July. We hope everyone has been making a conscious effort to drink lots of fluids like we have. After all it is said that drinking water is essential to a healthy lifestyle. This is especially true now that temperatures are hovering above 30℃ almost on a daily basis.


Story time

Related to our topic of insects, our main story time books for this month have been “A Cheese and Tomato Spider” and “Bugs!Bugs!Bugs!” The former was written by Nick Sharratt and the latter was written by Bob Barner. To summarize the first one, it describes funny pictures- what some people may call silly. It’s not entirely about insects but it gives the class a good laugh. The first time we read it to the students they exclaimed,”whaaaaaattttt a cheese and tomato spider?????There’s no such thing!” The second book is about a kid who wants to see bugs. It goes on to describe how the bugs move. For example ,”butterflies that flutter in the sky”, “grasshoppers hopping out of sight” ,”ladybugs that go creeping by” and so on.

今月のテーマ、Insectsに合わせて “A Cheese and Tomato Spider” と”Bugs!Bugs!Bugs!”という2冊の本をメインにクラスで読んでいます。 “A Cheese and Tomato~”は、 Nick Sharrattの、そして “Bugs!Bugs!Bugs!” は Bob Barnerによって書かれた本です。”A Cheese and Tomato~”は、子どもが好きそうな面白い絵で描かれています。この本はInsectsについての本ではありませんが、クラスのみんなはこの本が大好きです!初めてクラスで読んだとき、子どもたちは、「えー、チーズとトマトのスパイダー!!??そんなのいないよ!」と大騒ぎ!もう一冊の本は、虫を見たい子どものお話です。本の中では、虫がどのように動いているかを説明しています。例えば、蝶はお空で羽をバタバタ、バッタはジャンプして見えなくなる、テントウムシは静かに動く、などなどです。

Morning lesson

This month will be our last to learn about the A,B and C phonics. Next week we will move on to the next three letters D,E and F. It’s amazing how many words the students have learnt through phonics during the past few weeks. When the teacher says “A, ah ah ah” their natural instinct is to respond by saying “apple and ant.”

At the beginning of this month we began learning about the weather and the weather song is now everyone’s favorite! Even when it’s not lesson time you can hear someone singing,”how’s the weather today..?Is it sunny?Is it rainy?Is it cloudy?Is it snowy..?

今月、フォニックスではABCを学んでいます。来月からは次の3つ、DEFに移ります。ここ2-3週間のうちに、フォニックスを通して子どもたちはたくさんの物の名前を英語で覚えました。先生が”A, ah ah ah”というと、子どもたちは自然に”apple 、 ant.” と続けて言います!

今月の始まりにWeatherソングを新しく導入しましたが、今ではすっかりみんなのお気に入りの一つとなりました!レッスンの時間外でも子どもたちは、”how’s the weather today..?Is it sunny?Is it rainy?Is it cloudy?Is it snowy..?と歌いながらダンスをして楽しんでいます。

Afternoon lesson

This week the teacher introduced three more insects to the students. These are the june bug, wasp and cockroach. This week we had so much fun learning about the new insect names and revising the ones we already know about.

今週は新しく3つの虫の名前を子どもたちに紹介しました。june bugコガネムシ, waspスズメバチ cockroachゴキブリです。

That’s all from us. Have a restful weekend and don’t forget to stay hydrated!