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Water Splash by Savanna 7/18 – 7/21

This week has been special for the Savanna class because a visiting student from abroad has joined us. We welcomed him this Tuesday and shared with him what we have been inquiring about. We made some insect crafts, danced the square dance, and sang our songs with him. We are very happy to have him in our class; he is a good addition and a good influence on all of us! Welcome!


The outdoor pool is one of our favorite activities! Some of our activities are making whirlpools by running around the pool and sitting down when the current is strong enough, challenging ourselves by looking for marbles in the water by putting our faces in it and splashing water with our friends. We just love feeling the cold water on our bodies. The outdoor pool makes Summer special for us!


Our inquiries about living creatures focusing on an insect are still on, our inquirers are very focused on finding more information about these minibeasts. This week, we talked about ladybugs, dragonflies, and bees! To immerse ourselves in the topic, we did not just read stories about the subject, or sing songs that are connected to them, after the research, but we also tried to include these insects in our play and phonics. We used a set of compound eyes and looked for things around the classroom, colored insects using letters as our guide, and also made our fist muscles strong by molding insects out of play dough. We never thought that this unit would be this fun!


Our Sports Festival practice has started. We can’t wait to complete our dance steps along with the gymnastic routines, finish our sports festival craft, and showed it to our loving parents on the day, please look forward to it!


Let’s beat the summer together: Let’s have fun, enjoy every moment, and splash water!