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Rainbow:Pineapples are actually berries???!(September 25th~29th)

Welcome to Rainbow’s final blog of September. A big event such as the Sports Festival brought with it a lot of anxiety and physical strain so in order to recuperate from this tiredness we tried to keep things slow and relaxed this week.


Walk to the park

On Monday and Tuesday we walked to the park behind 7 eleven. It had been quite a while since we last walked as a class. Everyone kept their eyes in front and we all tried as much as possible not to pick up stuff from the ground while we were walking. Those are the main two rules of walking for Rainbow. The weather was very cool and comfortable on Monday so everyone ran around a lot and didn’t get tired quickly. Autumn means cool weather so we are looking foward to more walks to the park!


Pineapple craft

On Tuesday we made pineapples. One interesting fact about pineapples is that they actually aren’t apples or pines but they are berries!! A pineapple is a combination of many berries that have fused and grown together to form the fruit. We enjoyed participating in the craft activity.


Morning circle time and phonics

This week we were taught easy words that begin with the letter “h.” These were house, hen, heart, hat, hippo, horse and hammer.

今週は、Hから始まる言葉を学びました。house, hen, heart, hat, hippo, horse,hammerなどです!

Match the fruit

During afternoon circle time on Thursday we tackled a worksheet. We had to find two similar fruits and join them with a line. It was fun!


Gym lesson

On Wednesday the gym teacher taught us a lot of cool and fun poses. Rainbow students are really flexible. They can move their bodies in lots of different ways. Everyone’s favorite game to play during gym class is a version of “tag you’re it.” The teachers pretended to be bees and chased the students around trying to sting them. It seems like Rainbow friends are getting faster and faster by the day.Everyone ran so fast!


Birthday party and emergency evacuation drill

On Thursday morning fire fighters paid us a visit. They demonstrated how to put out a fire using fire hydrants. After that we took a picture in front of the big fire truck as a class.


Meadow’s homeroom teacher Ms.Ayako was in charge of the birthday party this month. She gave a magic show! The tricks were so amazing everyone was in awe!


Next week we move on to a new topic-SHAPES. Let’s enjoy learning shape names in October! Have a great weekend and see you again on Monday!