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The Big One – Savanna 9/25 – 9/29

The whole of Savanna’s class is very happy that they have finally arrived at the conclusion of their second unit.

The unit has been nothing but super interesting and exciting to everyone; They worked with all their might to find answers to their questions and be more knowledgeable about the living creatures, especially insects around them.

To wrap up their inquiry, they came up with a big project where they were given the chance to share what they had inquired about with their parents, teachers, and friends: A mini PYP EXHIBITION. To make this event successful, the inquirers have gathered together all the work they have done, collected the crafts they have made and brought together the memorabilia they have accumulated in the span of their inquiry. They hand in hand decorated the room with these materials, as they went down memory lane.



その締めくくりとして、これまで調べたことをお家の方や先生、友達に発表する大きなプロジェクトを立ち上げました。 「インセクトフェア(ミニPYPエキシビジョン)」です! このイベントを成功させるために、小さな探究者たちは自分たちがこの探究で取り組んだすべての作品やクラフトを集め、インセクトフェアを行う部屋を思い出の作品でデコレーションしました。

The said event was graced with the presence of not just their friends and teachers at ISN, but also their loving parents. The parents were all in awe as they interviewed the little inquirers randomly, asking them for information about insects. Some of their questions were: What is this insect? How many legs does it have? What does it eat? Why is it important to our planet? What can we do to protect them? and many more! The inquirers confidently answered all their questions and shared more info with their prestigious guests! Everyone, both the guests and presenters had BIG SMILES on their faces at the end of the event! We are all excited to read the comments of our guests once they have submitted the reflection survey.



We can’t thank enough the parents for their love and support to our little inquirers, and thanks to our friends too for motivating us and inspiring us to do better and enjoy our learning journey!


See you all in the next blog, and We all hope you liked and enjoyed our Mini PYP exhibition, the BIG ONE!


Have a nice weekend!