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Rainbow:Dancing is poetry with arms and legs(November 20th~24th)

Hello all!皆様、こんにちは!

Welcome to Rainbow’s third blog of November. Christmas is fast approaching.It’s no longer strange to spot Christmas trees around us. At shopping malls, supermarkets or department stores. Some students have even told us teachers that they have already started setting up their Christmas trees and decorating them at home. We can feel the festive mood roaming in the air!


We are like dance machines

Our dance practise for the Christmas show is going very well. It proved to be a learning opportunity as we were able to notice that arms and legs are closely connected to dancing. Our dance moves involve frequent movement of arms and legs. Yay to learning body part names and to using these body parts to enjoy dancing!


New park’
The students have dubbed the park near Tokyo Interior the ‘new park.’ Gym lesson was cancelled this week so we turned this into an opportunity to go enjoy ourselves at the park. Once it starts freezing we won’t be able to make these visits to the park so I guess one could say we made hay while the sun still shined.😆

レインボーのお友達は、最近行く東京インテリアー裏の公園の事を”New Park”と呼びます(笑)!水曜日のジムレッスンがキャンセルになり、この日も歩いてこの東京インテリアー裏の公園へ行ってきました。寒さが厳しくなれば、歩いて公園までは出かけられない日もあるかと思います。その前に、公園へはたくさん行き体を動かしたいと思います。

Fun craft

On Friday during afternoon circle time we enjoyed doing a Santa craft! We made our own little cute Santas.Maybe this will channel good vibes for us as far as getting what we wish for this Christmas.🎁


Below are the links to the songs we sang and danced to this week.


Have a fabulous weekend!