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Rainbow:Do you want to build a snowman?(January 8th~12th)

Welcome to Rainbow’s first blog of 2024! A very happy new year to you all and compliments of the new season.We hope you all had a lovely time with your loved ones during the winter break. It seems like this year’s snowfall is quite little compared to last year’s.


We had hoped to build a snowman as a class as soon as school resumed but we were not so lucky since it did not snow that much.


Back up plan

The ability to create back up plans and execute them is a very important life skill. Since we could not build a snowman due to the lack of snow in the schoolyard, the teacher prepared a snowman craft activity for us. We made our own little cute and unique snowmans! We had to tear up white paper into tiny pieces and then glue them onto the craft paper. To finish up, we placed the hat, eyes, nose and buttons onto their rightful places.

雪があまり積もらなかったので、クラスでSnaowman Craftをして楽しみました。小さな可愛い、そしてユニークな雪だるまを制作しました。白い紙を手で小さくちぎり、のりを付けた台紙の上に貼り、仕上げに、目、鼻、帽子をかぶせ、体にはボタンを付けました。

The letter “R”

This week for phonics, our letter of focus was r. The words we learnt are rocket, rainbow, rag, rooster, rat, rope, robot and road.

今週は、Rrの発音にフォーカスしました。Rから始まる単語、rocket, rainbow, rag, rooster, rat, rope, robot 、roadを学びました。

Recognizing numbers

It’s been a few months now since we started learning the numbers 1-10. This week during morning circle time we did an activity to help the students identify numbers in any given setting. Everyone had a chart that had numbers written in no particular order. The teacher asked the students to point at a certain number with their index fingers. They all did well!


Transportation names

Our topic for January is transportation. Transport is an important part of our daily lives. Without the different modes of transport that are available today, our lives would be inconvenient. The transportation names we were taught are car, bus, train, aeroplane, ferry, fire truck, ambulance, tractor, police car, dump truck and bicycle.

一月のテーマは、乗り物です。我々の生活の中で、乗り物は大切な一部です。乗り物がない生活はとても不便なものです。クラスで学んだ乗り物は、car, bus, train, aeroplane, ferry, fire truck, ambulance, tractor, police car, dump truck、bicycleなどです!

Outside play and fun at the park

It was very cold on Tuesday morning so we couldn’t walk to the park. We instead enjoyed a few minutes of free play in the school yard. Thursday proved to be a tad warmer so we went to North Shonai park by bus.



As you all might know by now, Ms. Airi always has fun activities prepared for us.We had lots of fun moving and stretching our bodies!


First music lesson of the year

Singing always make us happy.We were taught new songs and thoroughly enjoyed this week’s music lesson! Thank you Ms.Nishimura!


Below are the links to the songs we sang and danced to this week. 今週クラスで歌った曲です。

Have a lovely weekend and please always keep warm!Until next week, it’s goodbye from us.