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Rainbow: New month and new topic!(March 4th~8th)

Hi everyone! Welcome to Rainbow’s first blog of the month. It is quite hard to believe that we are now in the last month of the school year. Time really does fly by fast. We plan on enjoying our last month as Rainbow students and we are excited for what awaits us in the next stage.


Afternoon lesson:Opposites

Our topic for this month is OPPOSITES and we already know quite a few comparison words. This week we focused on learning basic opposite words such as on – off, in-out, full-empty , heavy-light, up-down .

今月のテーマはOpposites反対言葉です。すでにいくつかの比較の言葉は知っていると思います。今週はon – off, in-out, full-empty , heavy-light, up-down .などの基本的な言葉を取り上げて学びました。

Phonics and the letter Y

This week we learnt 6 words that begin with Y – yarn, yoyo,yellow, yoghurt, yolk and yoga.

今週はYyから始まる言葉をPhonicsを通して学びました。yarn, yoyo,yellow, yoghurt, yolk 、yogaなどです!

Tracing lines

It’s been a while since we started tracing lines during our morning lessons. They say practise makes perfect and we are slowly but surely getting better at it. We hope we will enjoy writing activities when we advance to Aurora level.



We did a number matching activity this week. It’s truly amazing that everyone can now recognize numbers 1~10.


Snack time with the graduating class

Thank you to our Milky way big brothers and sisters for coming over to our class for a “farewell get-together.” We enjoyed listening to story books, doing activities together and eating snacks together.

“farewell get-together.” と題し、今週から毎日4名のMilkyWayのお兄さんお姉さんがクラスにきてスナックを一緒に食べました。一緒にお話を聞いたり、ダンスをしたり、スナックを食べて一緒に楽しい時間を過ごしました。


Ms.Airi taught us how to move like crocodiles this week. We tried this moving forward, backwards and sideways!



We walked to the park near Tokyo Interior on Monday and Thursday. Everyone quickly ran to their favourite spots and enjoyed playing with their friends.


Have a nice weekend!良い週末をお過ごしください。

Below are the links to the songs we sang and danced to this week.  今週みんなで歌い踊った曲のリンクです。