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Our feisty risk-takers! – Shooting Star – 12/13 – 12/17

After a long preparation, the day has finally come to showcase their talents and make their parents proud.

But before the curtains opened, many marvelous things happened backstage. The students arrived at the venue with their big smiles and feisty character. They practiced their songs and dance for the last time and gave their best to make the performance perfect.

Albeit feeling nervous, the students went out of the stage with confidence and with lots of courage to deliver the show and make their parents proud!

They all did a great job and most importantly had a wonderful time showcasing their talents to their teachers, family members and parents!

More games in Math for us! To encourage the students to practice addition and subtraction, we incorporate inter-group competition, to help them be more engaged and exert more effort to be good at math. They love friendly competitions and they are all good at it. The score are almost always tie! 🙂

Our Phonics and writing are almost intertwined, we study phonics first and then we write on our notebook the sound that we studied. This week we looked into words that have the digraph /aw/. We studied how to pronounce the blending letters and then wrote the words and sentence in our notebook.

We also practiced reading more snap words this week by coloring the words in the image on the paper. It helped them to be more familiar with the words and memorize them easily.

Year-end is around the corner, one more week and we will all be able to enjoy the winter vacation, but before that we will continue learning with friends while having fun!

See you all again in the next one! Happy Weekend!