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“Our Research About Frogs” Shooting Star-Aug. 1-5


Shooting Star has welcomed a new member in the class. He is a very fine little boy who tries to be friend with everyone.


For Phonics, we learned to write the lowercase letter m and we practiced the sound m for monkey, mouse, and mango. We also practiced reading the book, “I Can Hop”. We’re getting better and better in reading by remembering the op and ot family words. We will practice a little bit more and after that, Shooting Star class can take it home for practice reading.

今週のフォニックスレッスンでは小文字のmを書く練習をしたり、mから始まる単語 monkey, mouse, mango を読む練習をしました!
そして先週に引き続き”I Can Hop.”の本を読む練習もしました📚
“ot” “op”の読み方を覚えていて、前回よりも上手に読むことが出来ていました👏スクールでもう少し練習をした後お家に持ち帰り、お家でも読む練習をしていただきたいと思います✨

For our Unit of Inquiry, we talked about frogs. We watched the video about the “Life Cycle of a Frog”. We learned that frogs start from eggs, then tadpoles to froglets and finally, become frogs. Interesting! We made a research about frogs by reading different kinds of books about frogs. One of Shooting Star students said, Frogs live in the water. Another student said, Frogs eat flies, and many more. Teachers wrote down their research on the sticky note and we stuck on the poster. Finally, we made a frog craft.