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Our Visit to the Fire Station

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the short, yet sweet month of February!


This week, Shooting Star class engaged into three main events which were the Setsubun craft, our visit to the Fire station, and a parent visit to our class to talk about her job as part of our UOI.


What is Setsubun? This is the big question in mind that we want to know before making the masks that we have to wear on the day of the said festival. We watched a video to reinforce our understanding and the teacher explained to the class the relevance of this event. We commemorate this event to wish everyone good health and to drive out demons. Shooting Star students made a mask too! They painted paper plates and made the mask using yarn and construction paper! Each mask has a different facial expression and they are very unique!


Our visit to the Fire Staion was very educational. The firefighters toured us around the fire station. We saw fire trucks, ambulance, and a big rescue truck. The Firefighters were very kind to show and explain to us the equipments they use, the clothes they wear, and they also explained to us how they help people. After touring around, Shooting Star class asked some questions to the firefighters which they answered carefully. We gained lots of very important information from them and before we left, we thanked them and waved goodbye.


Shooting Star was very privileged to have one of the Shooting Star parents to visit our class to talk about her job as a community helper. We learned a lot from her presentation which she put so much effort to prepare in advance. After her presentation, Shooting Star class asked her some questions and her answers satisfied our curious mind and made us smile. Thank you for allowing us to try using your stethoscope and for leaving for us some syringe that we can use for our hospital play station. Thank you so much.


Have a great weekend, everyone.