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Classroom Bug Hunt-Shooting Star-July 10th-14th

教室での虫探し Shooting Starクラス 7月10から14日より



We have another fun week in Shooting Star filled with super fun learning activities.

Shooting Starクラスでは今週とても楽しい学びの活動が盛りだくさんでした。

First of all, we would like to praise every single Shooting Star student for trying to speak English at school. We want to make sure that our communication skills in English is improving bit by bit. Kudos preschoolers!

初めに、スクールで英語を話そうとしてるShooting Starクラスの一人一人の子供達を褒めてあげたいと思います。英語の会話力が少しずつ上達しつつあることを実感したいと思います。頑張ったね。

This week, we had our classroom bug hunt activity. Looking back, at the beginning of unit 2, we changed the color of the wall paper into green and got the classroom wall decorated with insect flashcards to motivate our interest about insects. Luckily, we were not disappointed because before we started unit 2, Shooting Star students began to notice the wonderful makeover of our classroom and everyone began talking about insects. When we did a mind map about insects, students were able to name a few of them which is awesome. So, this week, we did classroom bug hunt activity by going around the classroom and find photos of insects around other than the flashcards and tried to name them and matched them with the flashcards displayed on the wall. Shooting Star students actively engaged and were so excited to find living creatures that they could possibly see around the classroom. Some students exclaimed, I found a butterfly, I found a bee, etc. It was easy to name a few of the insects we have found, however, there were insects that we didn’t know the names. Thanks God! The flashcards helped us identify their names and we added the insects name that we didn’t know to our mind map. It’s great to see how Shooting Star class initiate their actions to research more about insects by carefully examining them using a magnifying glass and flipping over the pages of the insect books to study them. Interesting!

今週、教室内で虫捕りをしました。Unit2の初めにクラスの壁紙を緑色に変え、昆虫に関する関心を高めるためにその壁にカードを飾りつけしました。嬉しいことに、みんな嫌がりませんでした。なぜかってUnit2が始まる前にShooting Starクラスの子供達は教室の素晴らしい模様替えに気付き、みんな昆虫について話題にし始めていたからです。昆虫についての考えたところで、それらの名前をいくつか言うことが出来ました。素晴らしいですね。そして今週、教室を歩き回ったりして壁に貼ってある昆虫の写真が書かれているカードと写真のカードをを見つけ、マッチングしたりしての虫探しの活動を行いました。Shooting Starクラスの子供達は活動的に参加し教室で見つけられる生き物を探すのに大喜びでした。蝶々を見つけた、蜂を見つけたよ等と大きな声で教えてくれる子供達もいました。見つけた何匹かの昆虫の名前を読むのは容易いことでした。ですが名前を知らない昆虫もいました。良いことにフラッシュカードには虫の名前が書かれており、まとめの表に記入出来ました。Shooting Starクラスの子供達は虫眼鏡を使用し虫について学ぶのに本のページをめくり、学びを始める姿は素晴らしいです。楽しいね!

This week, we were so fortunate to visit the park twice. Yes! We walked to the park closed to Tokyo Interior and we had so much fun playing at the play structure and have raised awareness of paying attention to small insects around us and began talking about them at the park and even hiking back and forth.


Starting this week, we started doing our setting intention time during the morning circle. This is the time when we paused and relaxed in whatever position that our mind and body can rest as we think about our goal of the day while listening to a soothing music. This lasted for only 5 minutes and after that we opened our eyes and shared whatever goal we have set in our mind. Shooting Star students shared like, I want to speak English all day, I want to eat vegetables even if I don’t like it, etc.

今週から朝の学びの時間に集中する為の時間を設け始めました。これは各々が好きな姿勢で目をつむり休みリラックスして、心と体が落ち着くよう穏やかな音楽を聴きながらその日の目標について考える時間です。これはわずか5分間行うものですが、目を開けた後、みんなで思い思いの目標を頭に描いたのかを意見交換しました。Shooting Starクラスの子供達はwant to speak English all day, I want to eat vegetables even if I don’t like it, etc.のように目標を掲げているお子さんもいました。

Everyday, we look forward to our playing in the water activity at the schoolyard. It seems that Shooting Star class really loves playing in the water. With that in mind, we have been thinking of creating our personalized toys that we can play with every time we get in the pool and that is the reason why we asked the cooperation of the parents to send some stuff from home that can be used for water play. Thank you parents for your unwavering cooperation.

毎日園庭での水遊びを楽しみにしています。Shooting Starクラスは本当に水遊びが好きなようですね。そこで水で遊び時間に毎回遊べる自分専用のおもちゃを作ることを考えています。そこでお家の方にご協力をお願いし水遊びに使える材料をお願いしました。ご協力に感謝申し上げます。

Have a fantastic weekend.