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The swimming sea animals- Canyon (July 10th-14th)

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to our weekly blog. In spite of some rainy days, we were able to enjoy splashing in the school pool in the morning as well as enjoyed the indoor pool.


UOI- Lines of Inquiry 1- Types of Animals:Sky/Land/Water(Form)

Kids were able to name more animals who are living in each category Land, Ocean and Sky. We watched the video of the zoo animals and kids were able to recall the animals they saw when they went with their families. We also watched the video about the ocean animals. We asked the students how does water animals move? Some friends say, “They can swim!” We decorated our classroom with the animals living in the water. Students coloured them then we cut them and decorated at the door. When the wind blows, the ocean animals looks like as if they are swimming.

UOI- Lines of Inquiry 1- 動物の種類:空・陸・海


Good foods for the mouth

What makes our mouth smile? We sat down and talked about the foods that are beneficial to our health. Kids raised their hands and gave their opinions about the picture of the foods the teacher was showing to them. We have a chart which is divided into two, the healthy and unhealthy foods. Kids chose apple, vegetables, curry and rice, cherries as healthy foods and ice cream, gum, candy, cookies, pudding and etc. belong to unhealthy foods. Kids understand that too much intake of sugar and salt is not good for the body.


“お口に言い食べ物って何だろう?” 子ども達は手を挙げて、良い食べ物、そうでない食べ物について意見を言ってくれました。りんご、野菜、カレーライス、さくらんぼなどは健康的な食べ物として選び、アイスクリーム、ガム、キャンディー、クッキー、プリンなどはそうではない食べ物として選んでいました。砂糖の摂りすぎが、歯に良くない事はよくわかっているようです。どんな食べ物も私たちの栄養になったり、心を癒してくれたりします。”噛む”事は、私たちの口にとってとてもいい事、そして食べた後は歯を磨く事が大切だという事がわかりました。

We are excited to see some birds visit and eat the feeds we set in the backyard. Kids learned that to attract the birds, we should keep quiet when they see them visiting our bird feeder.


Thank you again for this week. Have a wonderful rest and see you on Tuesday.