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We are the Little Entomologists-Shooting Star-July 24th-28th

小さな昆虫学者たち  7月24日から28日  Shooting Starクラスより



Shooting Star class has gladly welcomed a new friend who just joined us last week. He is very friendly and cool and in just a matter of days, he got familiar and comfortable with his new environment. He is such a congenial little boy who can easily make friends. Shooting Class class welcomes him warmly.

Shooting Starクラスでは嬉しいことに、先週新しいお友達が加わりました。とてもフレンドリーで落ち着いていて、みんなとすぐにお友達に慣れてほんの数日で慣れ新しい環境に溶け込んでいます。Shooting Starクラスは新しいお友達が加わり喜んでいます。

This week, we continued our exploration about insects. This time, we did an individual research about insects which took place about a week and we called our activity, We Are Bug Hunters”. What we did was, teachers gathered a couple of English and Japanese insect books and photocopy some insect photos and asked students to pick out one for their research. We are the little entomologists in action! Everyone in Shooting Star was so engrossed with their own research which provided them a way to be an independent learner. They needed to research about the insect name, food, and habitat with a little teachers’ assistance to read for them. Some students were able to find the insects easily which gave them the self-confidence and sense of fulfillment while others took time to discover the answer to their research which gave them perseverance on their learning. Before the week was over, everyone was able to comply their task and was able to receive the “Bug Hunter” medal. Well done Shooting Star!

今週昆虫についての探求を継続しました。今回、一週間かけて昆虫に関して個人の学びを行い、それを”We Are Bug Hunters”と呼んでいます。行ったことは、まず先生が何冊か英語と日本語の本を用意して昆虫の写真をコピーし子供達に探求の為に一つ取るように言いました。みんな小さな昆虫学者のようです!Shooting Starクラスのみんなが自立した学習者になる方法を提供する自分の探求に大変夢中になりました。みんな昆虫の名前、餌、住む場所を調べる必要があり、先生が少し手伝って本を読んであげたりしました。すぐに調べている昆虫を本で見つけて自信を付けている子もいれば一方で学びに時間がかかり苦労しているお友達もいました。今週末までに、皆が調べものを終えることが出来、“Bug Hunter” のメダルを貰いました。頑張ったね、Shooting Starクラスの子供達!

The Sports Festival is coming in a matter of two months. We began practicing the dance exercise, race, and parachute performance. Every practice, we tried our very best to listen to teachers and follow instructions.


This week, all ISN members gathered together in the Music room to celebrate the birthday of July celebrators. One of the Shooting Star students was one of them! Thank you, Ms. Aiza for hosting the birthday party and for teaching us the steps for Zumba dance.

今週、ISN全クラスの子供達が音楽ルームに集まり7月生まれのお友達をお祝いしました。Shooting Starクラスにもその一人のお友達がいます!Ms.Aizaが誕生日の係でした。ありがとうございます。みんなにズンバダンスのステップを教えてくれました。

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.