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It’s Presentation Time-Shooting Star-Sep 4th-11th

発表の時間 Shooting Star 9月4日から11日より



Welcome to our first blog for the month of September.


This week, we have been so occupied with so many school activities especially now that the Sports Festival is coming soon.


This week our Gym lesson has resumed as usual. We went to the gym and had a throwing ball, race, and parachute performance practice. Everyone got so excited and is looking forward for the upcoming event.


For our unit of inquiry, we presented what we learned from our insect observation. Each students showed their insect drawing and reported in front of the class what insect it is, how many legs, can it fly or not, what it eats, and described the life cycle, too. Everyone was given the chance to exhibit their work with confidence in front of the class.


For our writing, we have been practicing to write the lowercase letter l. Students said it was easy for them because it’s like writing a straight line. I loved that comment and observation! For reading, we have been learning the -it word family like fit, bit, hit, lit, kit, and sit. We carried out an activity where students took a look of the photo and wrote down the word on the board by sounding the letters. Hurrah! We made it!

文字を書くことに関しては、子供達は小文字を練習しています。みんな直線を書くようなので易しいと言っていました。その反応と実践に嬉しくなりました!読むことに関しては fit, bit, hit, lit, kit, や sit などの様に -it に関連する単語を学んでいます。 子供達は写真を見て聞いた言葉をホワイトボードに書きました。やったね!みんな出来ました!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.