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No losers, only winners-Shooting Star-September 18th-22nd

みんな頑張ったね Shooting Starクラス 9月18日から22日より



Finally! The long awaited annual Sports Festival event has come this week. Thank you everyone for coming and helping us in this big event. Special thanks to parents, grandparents, ISN staff members especially the event coordinators, media people, and students. The event was successful because of all of you.


We nailed it Shooting Star class! Our Parachute performance was fantastic. This was the first time we did it, but we showed ourselves ready for this fun yet challenging task. We worked super hard to make this day extra special. We never could have done what we have done without everyone’s habit of diligence during our past practices. It was wonderful hearing wonderful comments from the parents and teachers.
On the day of Sports Festival, we enjoyed watching and cheering the other classes. We managed to stay calm, sitting down while waiting patiently for our turn.

Shooting Starクラスの子供達を激賞したいと思います。パラシュートのパフォーマンスは素晴らしかったです。今迄で一番の出来でした。楽しい反面大変でもある様々な技が出来ることを披露出来ました。みんなこの日が最高になるように本当に一生懸命頑張りました。これまでの練習の間、全員の頑張りなくしては決して成し遂げられなかったでしょう。保護者や他のクラスの先生方からお褒めの言葉を頂け感無量です。スポーツフェスティバルでは皆が他のクラスを観戦したり応援したりしました。自分の順番迄辛抱強く、頑張って静かに座っていられました。

When it was our turn for the race, we ran with endurance from the starting line up to to the finish line. We had so much fun. For throwing balls, we exerted our effort to pick up the balls and shoot them in the basket. Yay, We all won! No losers, only winners. After the goodbye song, we all got our trophy and we went home with wonderful memories.


Again, thank you everyone for the hard work you’ve done. Have a wonderful weekend!

重ねて、みんなの頑張りに拍手を送りたいと思います。                                                    素敵な週末をお過ごしください。