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Community Helpers-Who Can Help Me?-Shooting Star-Feb. 19th-22nd

地域で働く人々 誰が助けてくれるのか? Shooting Starクラス 2月19日から22日より



Welcome to our second to the last blog of this month.


This week’s highlight was our role play as part of our assessment entitled, Who Can Help Me? We set up a hospital for doctors, a fire station for firefighters, and a house for patients and injured people in the class and prior to our role play, we recapitulated our past lesson on how doctors and firefighters help the community and who need their help. Shooting Star class raised their hands quietly and gave their answers. After the recap, discussed how the role play should be done and we divided the class into two groups, each group with nine students. The teachers wrote down on a piece of paper in advance the kinds of characters that students were going to play like firefighter, doctor, patient, injured person and folded them.

今週の最大の出来事と言えば「誰が助けてくれるのか?」にもありますように役になりきった遊びです。私達は教室にお医者さんがいる病院、消防士の方々の消防署、患者さんや怪我をした人々の家を設置しました。ロールプレイの前に、どの様にお医者さんが、消防士の方々が地域を助け、誰がそれを必要としているのか、今迄の学びを振り返りました。Shooting Starクラスは静かに手を挙げ答えてくれました。振り返りの後、どの様にロールプレイが行われるべきか話し合い、9人ずつそれぞれ、2グループに分かれました。先生達は事前に子供達が行う役割を紙に記入しておき、みんな消防士、お医者さん、患者さん、怪我した人々に扮して手助けしました。

Then, the first group did the role play first while the second group was watching them how they carried it out. Each one picked out a piece of paper and went straight to their station-fire station, hospital, or house to prepare their tools. The teacher then showed them a picture that shows a certain situation like a person with a high fever, feel sick and vomit, the house is on fire, stuck on top of the building, under the building in an earthquake and the teacher said, Ready, action. This was to assess their understanding what to do, what number to call and who to ask help from when situations like these take place and how community helpers should respond.


The assessment was successful. Students didn’t only enjoy playing their role, but they also showed how far they have learned from this unit. They knew that for fire, ambulance, and emergency rescue, they need to call 119. For sick and injured people they need doctors. If the house is on fire and other rescue incidents, they need firefighters and doctors. Shooting Star class has shown clear understanding of who to ask help from when certain situations take place.

この確認は大成功でした。子供達はただ役割を演じるのを楽しむのではなく、この学びから沢山のことを学んだということをも示してくれました。みんな火事、救急者、緊急救助について知り、119番に電話することを理解しました。病気や怪我した人々はお医者さんに見て頂く必要があります。もし家が火事であったりまた他の救助要請があれば、消防士の方々やお医者さんにお願いしなければなりません。Shooting Starクラスではこのような状況が発生した場合誰に助けを求めるのか、良く理解していることを示してくれました。

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone.