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Halloween Fun! Shooting Star (October 28 – November 1)

Hello everyone! Thank you for coming to the Halloween Party. We had so much fun with everyone. It was great seeing everyone’s costumes and how creative they were. The Shooting Star class was especially excited to see the pinatas we made during the special game at the end. It took us a long time to make them but the end product was great to see hanging up in the gym. The ghosts they made were hanging up on the wall as well.


This weeks UOI lessons we focused a lot on our learner profiles. We read two stories this week and discussed the characters in each one. The first story was “Beauty And The Beast”. We only talked about four characters from this story cause there are so many to choose from. The second story was “Little Red Riding Hood.” Since we are going to do this story for our Christmas play, we decided it would be important for the students to get to know the characters. We talked about the characters one by one and picked some learner profiles that best described the character. We have also started using more of the learner profiles during the day so the students get used to seeing more than just the ones we’ve talked about before. 

UOIの時間では、”There are many parts to a story”という2番目のLine of Inquiryに基づいて、characteristics(登場人物の人柄)について話しました。美女と野獣や赤ずきんの物語を聞いて、それぞれがどんなキャラクターかな?と考えました。good, meanという言葉だけでなく、IB Learner Profilesでもあるcaring, inquirer, risk-taker, knowledgeableなどという言葉を使って表現しました。日常生活でもこの10のLearner Profileを身につけていけるよう、頻繁に会話に含めています。

Our first Christmas play practice went well! The students are all happy with their parts and are doing a great job getting used to their lines. The first practice we only went over the lines. The students who were learning the lines stood in front of the other students and then once they were done, the other students in the next scene stood up in front. The second practice we had them practice walking onto the “stage”. They are very excited. The students are even singing the songs and saying some of the lines even during the day when we are not practicing. ショーでする劇の練習も楽しく行っています。子どもたちはそれぞれの役に分かれて、台詞を覚えるのに必死ですが、そんな中でもダンスや歌を交えて楽しんでいます。劇の練習もUOIのひとつ。再来週からのLine of Inquiryでは”Ways of presenting our stories to others”ということで、大きな声、しっかり立つ、前を向く、大きな動作、などとオーディエンスの前でのお話の伝えからを意識しながら練習していきます。

Thank you again for joining the Halloween party and we hope you all have a wonderful three day weekend!