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Let’s Get Creative!

This weeks UOI was fun! The students will do some role play for their summative assessment for this line of inquiry and they needed to build some stuff in order to do this activity. Savanna class is making a car, oven, computer and a washing machine while Shooting Star is making a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine, an oven and a computer. Some have started painting while others are building. They had a great time!

今週のUOIはとても楽しい活動ができました。子供たちはRole Playを”総合評価”としてするために段ボールなどを使っていくつかのおもちゃを制作しました。Savannaクラスでは車、オーブン、パソコン、洗濯機を制作し、Shooting Starクラスでは、掃除機、洗濯機、オーブン、パソコンを制作しました。色塗りを始めたグループもあったり、組み立てているグループもありました。

Phonics lessons have been focused on sounding out words and trying to spell them. This week the students focused on the first sound of a word and labeling the classroom. The students found something in the classroom in pairs and labeled the item sounding out the first letter. They will continue this kind of practice throughout the sessions.


This month for math the students have started learning about comparisons. This week they did more or less. They compared two different gum ball machines To see which had more, less or was equal. Afterwards they compared numbers with cubes and dinosaur numbers. They enjoyed it and look forward to doing it again next week.


We hope you all have a wonderful weekend! よい週末を!