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Our Diorama Project! (Canyon Sept.21-24)

ジオラマプロジェクト (サバンナ、キャニオン 9月21日~24日)

Hello everyone! This week, we only spent three days in school and for sure all of you had a good time with your families! 


In the UOI, Canyon students made a diorama project for our Summative Assessment in Unit 2: Sharing the Planet. The students were given a chance to choose what animal habitat they wanted to make for the diorama and decided what animals they wanted to put in it. Thank you so much dear parents for providing the shoe boxes which they used as the space for the diorama. They painted it according to the color of the habitats posted on the wall. They colored the pictures of animals, trees, and mountains, and cut them one by one. Then, they glued and taped those pictures in the shoe box. It’s good that by making this project, their fine motor skills are also developed and improved. Next week, they are going to present their diorama in front of the class and we’ll use it to assess their learning in all the topics we discussed in Unit 2.

UOIでは、キャニオンの子どもたちが、Unit 2: 地球の共有の総括的な評価に向けて、ジオラマプロジェクトを作りました。子どもたちは、ジオラマのためにどんな動物の生息地を作るかを選ぶ機会を与えられ、その中にどんな動物を入れるかを決めました。靴箱を提供してくださったご両親に感謝しています。彼らは、壁に貼られた生息地の色に合わせてペイントしました。動物、木、山の絵に色をつけて、一つ一つ切っていきます。そして、それらの絵を靴箱の中に接着剤やテープで貼り付けていきます。このプロジェクトを作ることで、彼らの運動能力が発達し、向上するのは良いことだと思います。来週、彼らはクラスの前でジオラマを発表し、ユニット2で議論したすべてのトピックの学習を評価するために使用する予定です。

In Phonics, we focused on the letter U as in umbrella, up, undergarment, unicorn, unicycle, uniform, and urn. They colored the pictures of those words and practiced writing the uppercase letter U.

フォニックスでは、 umbrella, up, undergarment, unicorn, unicycle, uniform, and urn (傘、アップ、下着、ユニコーン、一輪車、制服、壷 ) などの U に注目しました。これらの単語の絵に色を塗り、大文字のUを書く練習をしました。

In Math, we are learning about a new topic which is Ordinal Numbers such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th. They also discovered that numbers like 1,2,3,4,5… are called Cardinal Numbers. We tried to read the first 5 Ordinal and Cardinal numbers randomly to know the difference between the two and how they are used in counting. We’ll have more activities about it next time.


Since the Sports Festival was over, this time we had our regular gym class. Everyone was full of energy and seemed to miss the activities they usually do at the gym. We started from stretching exercises and danced well to the beat of music. They really missed the Snake activities using the long green rope which served as a snake. First they had to cross over the snake quietly and carefully for them not to wake it up. Then, they jumped over it forward and backward with both feet. They really enjoyed those activities that made them sweat a lot.


Our class always looks forward to going for a walk in the morning because they love seeing the mountains, trees, and insects. We noticed that some of the leaves are turning to yellow now and starting to fall on the ground which is a sign of Autumn season. Some of them love that season. We also found a big grasshopper on the road. They were very amazed with it and a little bit scared because of its size. They ran around the area and played with soap bubbles.


That’s it for this week! Thank you so much for reading our blog! Have a good weekend!

今週はここまでです。いつもブログを読んでいただき、ありがとうございます それでは、良い週末をお過ごしください