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Snow Fun! Canyon/Savanna January 5-14


Greetings! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and welcomed the new year happily with your family! Welcome back to our weekly blog!

こんにちは。 皆さん、素敵な冬休みを過ごされ、ご家族と楽しく新年を迎えられたことと思います。毎週恒例のブログへようこそ!

Playing with snow can be an important winter-time experience for kids. When children play with snow, they can strengthen their fine- and gross-motor skills. So it’s worth it to bundle kids up and out the door when it snows.


There’s always fun when there’s snow, no matter how cold it is. Canyon/Savanna students got very excited when they saw snow outside our classroom and wanted to play even if it was very cold. They collected snow and put it in the bucket, made some snowballs, and pretended to make ice cream and of course a snowman! Playing in the snow is very fun!


Last week, our class made a paper snowman craft. We folded the white paper and made some straight cuts to make the body and curled up the short sides and glued them together. They also decorated it by putting ear muffs, scarf, nose, and drawing the mouth and eyes.


Another craft that we made was a spinning top made of paper cups. They drew and colored the cup with anything they wanted and put a plastic bottle cap at the bottom that will help to make it spin. They enjoyed playing with it and amazed with the color effect it makes when it spins. 

Since the weather is getting colder, we are trying to move our bodies as much as we can. We regularly go for a walk until we reach the playing area and this time we tried to jog where the road is safe and no cars are coming. We also did some activities like hopping like a bunny and frog, running slow and fast, and pretending to swim. Those are simple activities that our students enjoyed and helped them warm.


For the month of January, our dance exercise is entitled Square Dance wherein students need to get a partner to do the dance. They are all enjoying this dance. Aside from singing and dancing, it also practices them to say Hello and Thank you to their partner after a bow.


In Phonics, our class started to read simple CVC words like cat, bat, hat, pat, man, pan, fan, and van. For them to be able to read it, students have to produce the sound of each letter once and think of the word it may form. For example, /c/-/a/-/t/= cat. For them to be more familiar with the words, we matched the words to the pictures too. Most of them were able to read the words after sounding out the letters and it was very surprising, so good job everyone!

フォニックスでは、猫、コウモリ、帽子、パット、男、パン、扇風機、バン などの簡単なCVC単語を読むことから始めました。この単語を読めるようになるには、それぞれの文字の音を一度出して、それがどのような単語を形成するか考えなければなりません。例えば、/c/-/a/-/t/=catのように。さらに単語を覚えてもらうために、単語と絵のマッチングも行いました。殆どの子どもたちが、文字を発音した後に単語を読むことができ、とても驚きました。

In Math, we started to add numbers using counters. The teacher writes the addends or numbers to be added on the board and the students take counters based on the numbers  written on the board. To get the sum or answer, they have to count all the counters together and tell their answers out loud. And they did a great job so far! Well done!


This week, we also started to explore the Unit 4: How We Organise Ourselves with the Central Idea: People have roles and responsibilities to organise the school community, our Lines of Inquiry are: LOI1: Classroom physical environment, LOI2: Roles and responsibilities to keep our classroom organised, and LOI3: Importance of keeping our classroom neat and tidy. To assess if the students know the word organise, I showed pictures and asked them to identify if it is organise or not. We also looked around our classroom to see which part is not organised. They started organising and putting the things back into their proper places when they saw an unorganised part of the classroom. To familiarise them with the Central Idea, we talked about who are the people in our school and identified their roles as teachers or students and what they are doing or their responsibilities in school. Canyon/Savanna students shared their ideas of what their responsibilities are in school like eating their food, listening to the teachers, following the rules, and cleaning up their toys after playing. Great job!

今週は、Unit 4: How We Organise Ourselvesのセントラルアイディアの探究も始まりました。私たちの探究の単元(UOI)は、「人は学校コミュニティを組織するための役割と責任を持っている」です。LOI1: 教室の物理的環境、LOI2: 教室を整理整頓する役割と責任、LOI3: 教室をきれいに片付けることの重要性です。セントラルアイディアに慣れ親しむために、私たちの学校には誰がいるのかについて話し、先生や子どもたちとしての役割、学校での役割や責任について確認しました。キャニオンとサバンナの子どもたちは、ご飯を食べること、先生の話を聞くこと、ルールを守ること、遊んだらおもちゃを片付けることなど、学校での自分の責任について意見を出し合いました。すばらしかったです。

There was one thing that surprised/shocked them the most after our gym class and it was when they came back to their classroom seeing everything was a mess, all the toys, books, chairs and tables were scattered on the floor. We wanted to see how they would react to that and what they would do seeing that big mess.They all stopped for a moment and suddenly started asking questions like, What? What happened? Who did this?. Then, when I asked them what they should do, they immediately started cleaning up everything. Well done everyone!


That’s it! Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful weekend!