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Learning Math is Fun! Canyon/Savanna Jan.30-Feb.4

Hello everyone! We hope everybody is staying healthy and safe!


Learning numbers is one of the most fun and exciting subjects for kids! Canyon/Savanna students love numbers. They love counting up to 100 and doing some Math games. Here are some of the activities we are doing in our class!


One hands-on activity we did was adding numbers using paper cups and paper plates. Each of them was given two cups connected together with a plus sign on it and a plate. Each cup represents a number to be added. Students have to put counters in each cup according to the addends called out by the teacher and to get the answer for the given numbers, they have to put all the counters from the cups to the plate and count all of them. Once they finished counting all the counters, our boys and girls started to shout out their answers which also motivates other students to find out their own answer and see if it matches their friends’. Everyone did a great job!


Another is a Finger Addition Game wherein students have to use both of their hands to represent the addends and count their fingers to get the answer. This was the activity we did for our online lesson. We asked the students to show their fingers as what they see on the screen and count them together. Fingers are great for young children first learning to count, and add. They also used their fingers in counting objects to 20. They had to point each object and count them one by one and choose the correct number below each box. Well done, everyone!


We also played Number Bingo as an activity to recognizing numbers 1-20.👏


On Monday, we had our School Open Day but because of the COVID-19 situation, parents had to watch their children online. Canyon/Savanna showed a short presentation in our UOI lesson wherein they had to tell us their responsibilities at home and at school. Everyone did their best and made their parents proud. Great job! Thank you dear parents!


Since we are now doing an online class, we were not able to do the Setsubun activity for this week. On Tuesday, our boys and girls created a kid oni monster in a big construction paper. They painted the drawing and made some balls out of newspaper which we are supposed to use to get rid of the oni monster. We are hoping to get back to school next week and do the activities we missed.


Thank you so much for reading this blog. Have a wonderful weekend!