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SELF-INTRODUCTION- Canyon Apr. 22nd-26th

Self-introduction teaches respect and etiquette. Children learn to acknowledge others, demonstrate politeness, and understanding among other people. Learning how to introduce themselves will help kids build their confidence, sense of identity, and feeling of belonging to a community.
In our UOI lesson this week, our little ones learned how to introduce themselves. It was a really fun activity, since half the class is new to ISN. They had a chance to listen to the story of Elmo entitled, “My Name is Elmo.” In this story, they learned that introducing yourself is not just about saying your name but also you can share the things you like such as your favorite color, hobbies, who your friends are, etc. We played the “pass the microphone” game. Everybody enjoyed this game where they stood in front of the class one by one and answered their friends’ question, “what’s your name?” They practiced saying “My name is ________.” Then they said hi to their friends and passed the microphone to the friend they wanted to stand next in front. Good job, Canyon!

今週のIBレッスンでは、自己紹介の仕方を学びました。クラスの半分の子たちがISNに来たばかりなので、新しいお友達を知ることはとても楽しい活動でした。クラスではまず、「My Name is Elmo」というセサミストーリーのエルモの絵本を読みました。このお話の中で、自己紹介は名前を言うだけでなく、好きな色や趣味、友達は誰かなど、自分の好きなことを共有することもできることを学びました。その後、一人ずつ前に立って、”What’s your name? “という友達の質問に答えるゲームをしました。一人ずつ、「私の名前は○○です」と言って自己紹介をし、周りの子たちは、「Hi, 〇〇.」と言ってそのお友達に挨拶をしました。自分の番が終わったら、次に前に立ちたいお友達にマイクを渡しました。とっても上手だったよ、Canyonさん!

Folding clothes is a great practical life activity that helps children in building independence and developing fine motor skills.
One of our goals in our class is to build independence among our youngsters. We taught them the proper way how to fold their clothes and fix them if they are inside-out. To practice this routine, we asked them to demonstrate it by folding their PJs nicely.
Also, we talked about one of the most important things to do every day—washing hands. Our little ones learned the importance of washing hands properly. We asked some students to demonstrate in front of the class on how to do it. This kind of activity is a very effective way to prevent the spread of germs and keep our young ones healthy.
It’s so amazing to see our little ones doing their tasks at school and practicing how to be “balanced.” Keep it up, everyone!


As the Children’s Day Festival is coming next month, our youngsters made a colorful Koinobori craft. They chose some paint colors they wanted and stamped them on their Koinobori. On this day, families pray for the health and happiness of their children. To understand more about this festival, we listened to the Japanese story about Children’s day. On Children’s Day, families pray for the health and happiness of their children. We also learned that on Children’s Day, we eat “Kashiwa Mochi” or “Chimaki”.


Three of our little ones turned 4 this month! They really enjoyed watching some magic tricks at their birthday party and celebrated it with other celebrants from different classes. They also received their traditional birthday cards from their teachers. Happy birthday, everyone! Sending love and hugs on your special day!


Here’s our monthly English phrases song.


That’s all for this week… Have a wonderful long weekend, everybody! See you next week!