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Canyon’s Farm Visit (Feb. 17-21)

“The world is the true classroom. The most rewarding and important type of learning is through experience, seeing something with our own eyes.” (Jack Hanna)

現実世界は真の学びの場。最も価値があり、大切な学び方は、体験を通し、自分の目で見る事である。 (Jack Hanna)

In our previous lesson, we talked about animals and how we help animals.. What are the animals you can see in the farm, ocean, desert? Name all of them. We had pictures and videos, but the best of all is for them to actually see and experience what they have learned in the classroom.
Our class had a quick visit on a farm and was able to see real farm animals. There are goats, ponies, peacocks, pig, and dog. The generous owner of the farmer had a lecture about how he helps animals and how animals help him. Then, he toured us around his farm. Some of them had experienced feeding the goats. They enjoyed watching how animals move along their houses and make sounds. Thank you for having us, Sir! Our boys and girls had a wonderful time at your farm!


キャニオンとオーロラさん達は、動物を飼っているお宅を訪ねて、そこで飼っている ヤギ、ポニー、くじゃく、豚、犬 などの動物たちを見せて頂くことが出来ました。手作りの藁のイスに座らせてもらって、飼い主の方がどのように動物のお世話をしているか、また動物たちがどのように飼い主の方を助けてくれているかを聞きました。ヤギは畑や田んぼの不要な草を食べてくれたり、動物の糞は野菜や果物を育てるための貴重な肥料になることを知りました。その後、動物たちの小屋を一つ一つ見て周りました。数人のお友達でしたが、ヤギに草を与えることが出来てとても嬉しそうでした。小屋の中を動物たちが歩き回ったり、声を出したりするのを見ることが出来ました。素晴らしい機会を作ってくださった飼い主の方に感謝したいと思います。

Canyon students have started writing their names by tracing each letter in the box. They can spell their own name too. They practice writing their names three times in a week.


We also began reading simple CVC Words (consonant-vowel-consonant). We say the sound of each letter and put them together to form words. Words are bat, cat, hat, and pat.

CVC単語(子音+母音+子音の組み合わせで構成された単語)を読む練習も始めました。それぞれのアルファベットの音を確認した後、その音を繋げて読む練習をしました。読んだ単語は bat, cat, hat, and pat です。

For our craft, they made Hina Dolls which is popular during Hinamatsuri or Doll’s/Girls’ Day. We used origami papers to create the dolls’ dresses and squeezed small pieces of paper tissue for the peach blossoms.


Thanks for reading our blog! Have a good weekend!