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WONDERFUL WOOL! Canyon Sep 26th-30th

Hi everyone!✨
Time flies so fast! It’s already the end of September!!!
In our UOI lesson, we focused on the sheep wool products.🧶 We asked our little ones about their ideas on what products we can make from the sheep’s wool and they said, “clothes, gloves, jacket, socks, scarf and hat”. Great job, Canyon! You’re right! We can make those products from wool, but how?! For further information about how wool becomes clothes, we watched an educational video so our youngsters can easily understand the process.

For our practical activity, our youngsters chose the types of clothes they want then, they got some wool from the sheep’s body to make clothes.🧦🧣🧤🧥

朝晩は冷える日も増え、あっという間に9月も終わりですね。今週のUOIレッスンでは、羊の毛からどんな物ができるの?とみんなで考え、学びました🧶 服や手袋、靴下、マフラー、帽子など、身近な物にウールが使われていることを知り、でもどうやって?どのように羊の毛から洋服ができるの?と言う子どもたちと一緒に、ビデオを見てみました。


As we end the month, we also ended our discussion in our Unit 2 where we learned about “Sharing the Planet”.🌏 Our young ones had so much fun and learned a lot from this unit! We did many hands-on activities such as: cow milking, how chickens lay eggs, and get some wool from the sheep in making clothes.🤩
For our formative assessment, our youngsters made a diorama. In making the diorama, first, they painted the cardboard with blue paint with the touch of green to make it an earth. Then they cut the trees and plants and pasted it on the cardboard. Lastly, they chose some animals they like and put in on the cardboard together with their pictures. To assess their learnings about the unit, they presented their diorama in front of the class. Our little ones talked about what did we discussed in Unit 2 which is “Sharing the Planet”, and what are the living things on earth aside from humans.💡 Their presentation was awesome!!!👏🏻

ユニット2「地球の共有」では、牛の乳搾り、鶏の卵の産み方やその料理、羊の毛を使った洋服作りなど、たくさんの体験活動をしました。そして最後のまとめとしてジオラマを作りました🌍ダンボールに絵の具で色を塗り地球を作ると、木や植物のイラストを切って貼り、自分の好きな動物を3つ選んで地球に乗せ、最後に自分の写真を貼ったら完成です!このジオラマを持ち、1人ずつみんなの前で発表をしました。ユニット2の “Sharing the Planet “で何を学んだのか、私達以外の生き物は何かなど思いだしながら、素敵なプレゼンテーションが出来ました😊👏

This week, we conducted a stranger drill. Also, we had a visitor from the Matsumoto Police Department to explain to our dear students the danger of being approached by a stranger and how are they going to protect themselves from it. Our young ones listened very carefully and agreed on the rules they have to follow once they encounter a stranger.📣


Here are our this week’s best students.👑 We are very proud to see our little ones doing their best in their daily lives at school! They’ve come a long way on their journey as Canyon students…

今週のベストスチューデントを発表します👑 !子どもたちが日々の生活の中でベストを尽くしている姿を見るのは、とても誇らしいことです!子ども達もこのクラウンをもらう事が1つの目標となっていて、「今日、自分で早くお着替えしたんだよ!」「朝、大きな声で挨拶できたよ!」と自分の頑張った事をどんどん教えてくれるようになりました✨これからの成長も楽しみです😊🙌

Have a great weekend everyone!🌻