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MY FAVORITE THING- Canyon Nov 7th-11th

Hi everyone!⭐
This week in our UOI lesson, our youngsters brought something they really like or make them feel happy, excited, delighted, or glad and shared to the class why they chose it. Some of them brought a car toy because it makes them feel happy when they are playing with it. Some said it’s cool that’s why it’s their favorite thing from home. Others brought a stuffed toy, small pillow, necklace and princess costume. They said, they feel glad and excited when they wear/sleep together with their toy. Also, we heard from other kids that it was a birthday present from their parents/grand parents that’s why it’s their favorite!✨ Well done, Canyon! Thank you for sharing!🤩

今週の UOI レッスンでは、子供たちのお気に入りの物、または幸せ、興奮、喜び、嬉しさを感じ、それをクラスでシェアをしたい物を持ち寄りました。「これで遊んでいるのが楽しい!」「お兄ちゃんと一緒に遊べるから。」「かわいいから好き。」と車のおもちゃ、ぬいぐるみ、小さな枕、ネックレス、お姫様の衣装をなどを持ってきてくれました。両親や祖父母からの誕生日プレゼントだから大切だよ、という子もいました✨ みんなの大好きな物、その気持ちをシェアしてくれてありがとう😊

Making a music wall outside is a great way to give our little ones an outlet to explore making sounds by hitting a range of different objects such as: xylophone, bottles, bell and pans!😍 They enjoyed playing and making sounds while singing ABC song.🎶

保護者の皆さまと子ども達との交流会『Cheerful Shimauchi』で作ったミュージックウォール🎹!鍋やフライパン、空き箱に木琴など、様々なものを叩いて音を出すことを体験できます😍 ABCの歌を歌いながら楽しんでいました🎶芸術の秋ですね☆

We had so much fun walking to the shrine and playing at the park this week!⛩️ We did a lot of fun and exciting physical activities such as: running around and up the hill, racing, chasing with bubbles and rings, kicking ball, and playing on the slide. Also, we introduced a new game called “Wolf game”. Some students played as wolves and some were pigs. Pigs asked the wolves, “Mr. Wolf, Mr. Wolf, what time is it?”. The Wolves said, “it’s 7 o’clock”. Then, pigs moved 7 steps forward to the wolves and asked again, “what time is it?” Wolves replied, “it’s lunch time!” Pigs ran away and wolves chased them to eat for their lunch. It was such a fun game! Our youngsters asked for more but it was already time to go back to school…😊

今週は裏山や公園で、走り回ったり、坂を登り下りした、ボール遊びや滑り台で遊んだりと、たくさん体を動かし楽しんできました!また、”Mr. Wolf game “というルールのあるゲームも楽しみました。オオカミ(鬼)と子ブタ(逃げる)に分かれて向かい合って立ち、子ブタはオオカミに “Mr. Wolf, Mr. Wolf, what time is it?”と聞きます。オオカミが”it’s 7 o’clock”と答えれば7歩、言われた時間の歩数だけ子ブタはオオカミに近づき、再び時間を尋ねます。オオカミが, “it’s lunch time!”と答えると、オオカミは子ブタが追いかける、という「だるまさんが転んだ」に似た形式の遊びです。帰る時間になっても「もう一回やりたい!」と言う程、楽しんでやっていました😊

Our little ones love doing various exercises that’s why gym is the perfect place to go with. Exercises and physical activities are great ways to feel better, boost their health and have fun.✨


Another new Canyon student has joined our family!💟 Welcome to our class!!!👧🏻 We’re glad that she enjoyed her first week in Canyon class. She had a great time singing new English songs, dancing and playing with her new friends!👭🏻 They look so cute together, right?!🥰

またまたキャニオンに新しいお友達が来てくれました💟 キャニオンでの最初の一週間を楽しんでくれたかな?一緒に英語の歌を歌ったり、ダンスをしたり、みんなも嬉しそうでした!👭🏻 これからいっぱい遊ぼうね🥰🥰🥰

Have a good weekend everyone🌻!