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JANUARY JOY- Canyon Jan 23rd-27th

Hi everyone!✨
This week, our youngsters were thrilled to spend the morning playing outside. We spent few minutes together in the above freezing temperature. We enjoyed playing with a snowball fight, chasing one another and making a small snowman. It was really fun!❄️


In our UOI lesson, we shared to the class the worksheet they answered at home. Everyone wa very interested to know their friend’s favorite transport. The next day, we made a craft based on their favorite transport wherein they manifested their talent and creativity. Great job, Canyon!👏🏻

UOI のレッスンでは、お家で取り組んで頂いたワークシートをクラスで共有しました。陸、空、海にはどんな乗り物の種類があり、その中で一番好きな乗り物と理由を発表したり、興味を持って話を聞いていました😊翌日のクラフトではトイレットペーパーの芯を土台に、発表した自分の1番好きな乗り物を製作!想像だけではなく、写真やイラストを見ながら実際の物を観察することで、飛行機の翼は2つ、この乗り物はタイヤが3つ。とより正確に細かな事にも気づきながらイメージを膨らませ、オリジナルデザインの乗り物を作る事ができました✈⛴🚒

We also had a chance to go to Matsumoto airport and see lots of different transportation. We saw excavator, forklift, fire truck and airplane! Our little ones were so amazed with how big an airplane is! While waiting for the airplane to take off, we talked about what an airport is and why people go there, we determined if an airplane is fast or slow, big or small, and what color is it.✈️ It was really such a wonderful experience!🌟


Canyon loves Music class! They are always excited to play with their pianica!
Playing pianica has several benefits for kids such as: it develops self-esteem, relieves stress, improves physical health, increases brain speed and processing capability, facilitates multitasking, and improves listening.✨


Have an awesome weekend everyone!🤩