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A warm welcome to Canyon Class- Canyon (April 3rd-7th)

Hello everyone,

A warm greetings to our new students and parents of Canyon class. Congratulations! We are glad to have you in our class. We are dedicated to take care of the kids and we are looking forward to seeing the children’s growth in all aspects.


We had an amazing week starting to know the children’s names. We learned the names of the stuffs they have in their backpack by holding each thing and showed to them where is the proper basket to put them in. On their first day teachers helped them unpacked their stuffs and put them in their appropriate boxes. As they do it gradually they may be able to do it by themselves sooner.


We enjoyed the sunshine and we spent playing in the yard most of the days in the morning. Kids had a blast choosing the toys they wanted to play. The sandpit was popular to most of them and they made balls and counted them, making cakes made of sand and were able to socialise with their friends sharing toys and playing together. They also had fun stepping on the logs while counting 1-10. Kids picking up the dried mud caught our attention too. The texture looked like a chocolate and they said “We are melting chocolate out of this chocolate chips!” That was interesting.


Learning is an ongoing process in whatever we do. After kids went to the bathroom or come in from outside, they need to wash their hands thoroughly. Before that, they need to roll up their sleeves in order not to get wet. We taught them how to do it and they make a habit to gargle every time after washing hands. Please be with us in our ongoing learning and grow mentally and physically while playing. Hope to spend a precious time to our precious students.

学習は、何をするにも継続的なプロセスです。例えば、トイレに行った後、あるいは外から入ってきた後、しっかりと手を洗います。なぜ手を洗うのか、袖をまくるのか、ただ伝えるのではなく理由を添えたり問いかけたりしながら、意味を感じながら習慣にできたらと思います。 私たちと一緒に学び、遊びながら成長してほしいです。大切な子ども達のために、一緒に有意義な時間を過ごせたらと思います。

Thank you for reading our blog. Have a wonderful weekend.