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Walk around the school-Canyon (April17th-21st)

Hello everyone,

We experienced hot days this week however our youngsters stay active as ever. We started our week touring around the school, who are the people around us and seeing what was happening in the other classroom. In Unit 1 of our IB lesson, our Unit of Inquiry is “The people around us and our connection with them”. We visited each classroom and asked students whose classroom is it. They were curious about the things they saw in the room like the cars and other toys we don’t have in our room. When we entered the music room, the kids have an idea of what we are doing there so they were able to say anything they know like “We sing here!, We used the castanets here!, The teacher plays the piano here!” and more.

みなさん、こんにちは。今週は暑いくらいの暖かさが続きましたが、子供たちは相変わらず元気いっぱいです。今週は、まず園内を巡り、私たちの周りの人たちはどんな人たちなのか、他にはどんなお部屋があるのかを見て回りました。Unit 1では、「The people around us and our connection with them」私の周りの人々と関係について探究します。各教室を訪れ、子ども達にここは何のお部屋かな?と尋ねながら散策しました。Canyonクラスにはない車やおもちゃや、それぞれのクラスで行われているユニットを見たりなど興味津々の子ども達でした。二階にある音楽室に入ると、「ここで歌うんだよね!」「ここはカスタネットがある!」「このピアノは先生が弾くんだよ!」など、知っている事をたくさんお話ししてくれました。

We started our first swimming lesson. Some of the kids were nervous and scared of getting in the water however they got used soon and enjoyed the lesson.


We did our Phonics lesson by introducing the letter Aa. Our youngsters participated actively in saying the letter and its phonics. We had some examples of words which start with the Letter Aa like Aa-apple, alligator, ant, arrow, and anchor. We did the “Tracing letter A activity with pom poms” by asking each student to stick the pom poms to construct the letter. They were also able to say the colour of the pom poms they picked and say “It’s red! it’s yellow! It’s blue, It’s purple! and more. Good job, Canyon students.

フォニックスのレッスンでは、「Aa」を紹介しました。文字とその音を一緒言いながら、Aから始まる単語 Aa-apple、alligator、ant、arrow、anchor も覚えました。ポンポンを使ってAの文字をなぞる活動では、生徒一人ひとりにポンポンを貼ってもらい、文字を作ってもらいました。いろいろな色があるポンポンを2つ選び、「It’s red! It’s yellow!It’s blue and purple!」 などなど上手色を言う練習もしました。

Spy the shapes

We showed the different shape flashcards and some kids were able to say “Circle! heart! Diamond! star! rectangle! After naming the shapes, we did the activity spying the shapes by using the lenses. Each student held one lens of different shapes and they walked around the classroom finding the shapes. Each of them had their turn saying them in front of their friends ” It’s a circle!” and more.

いろいろな形のフラッシュカードを見せると、「Circle! Heart!」と言える子もいました!ひし形、星形、長方形など形の名前を言った後、子ども達はそれぞれ異なる形のレンズを1つずつ持ち、教室内を歩き回りながら同じ形のカードを探しました。形を見つけると前に出てきて「It’s a circle!”」と発表しました。

We made our Koinobori craft

In celebration of the coming “Children’s Day,” we made our Koinobori. To develop our fine motor skills, kids coloured the paper with crayons and then chose the shapes they like for the eyes, and then on top of the crayons, kids painted them with the colour they like and hung them to dry. In this activity, they recognise colours and shapes we learned previously. They finished them sticking on the tails with the shiny paper. Well done.


Get well rested on weekend and we are looking forward to seeing you on Monday.