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Communicate with others verbally and gestures – Canyon(November 6th- 10th)

A warm hello to everyone,

Playing in the yard is a festive to Canyon class. They express their feelings through play. They communicate with their friends and are able to socialize with them. They also release their stress through running and chasing each other.


This week, we started tracing the Alphabet “A” and “B” and recognizing the Upper case and Lower case. They did a good job tracing and coloring the pictures.

今週は、アルファベットの “A “と “B “をなぞり書きしました。ゲームをしながら楽しんで大文字と小文字の認識もしています。

We are signing in!

Every morning after the kids finish doing their morning routine, we ask them to trace their names and stick them on the wall to show that they are in the class. By including this in their routine, they will be able to familiarize the alphabet in their names as well as a good practice to write their names well. Most of them got the interest to write and stuck them at the door entrance. Well done, Canyon.

朝の日課を終えた子どもたちは、自分の名前をなぞる活動を始めました。 自分の名前のアルファベットを認識し、自分の名前を書く練習にもなります。廊下に貼ってあるのでお迎えの時に、日々の成長をご確認ください。

Line of Inquiry 2− Ways to Communicate with others

We did our prior assessment about how to communicate with others. We talked about the two ways to communicate. They are through verbal and gesture. When using verbal they use their mouth to talk and say to express their feelings. Kids demonstrated in front of their friends in situations like: When they are hungry, they say “ I’m hungry! When somebody snatches their toys they say “I don’t like it!, Wait, please! Can we play together? Let’s share!”

We did the activity “Guess how I feel!” They tried using their body to express their feelings. Kids came in front and gestured their feelings like sad, cried; sick, coughed and touched their tummy; angry, with frowning face; happy, they smiled; surprised, they open their eyes and mouth wide; scared, and proud with their heads up. They are able to use their facial expression to let others know how they feel. So even we don’t talk, we can communicate through our gestures.



It was a beautiful day spending our morning in the gym. Our youngsters kept their bodies warm by running, jumping, crawling, and stretching.


Thank you for reading, Have a fantastic weekend!