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Countdown to Christmas Show- Canyon(Dec. 4th-8th)

Hello everyone,

This week was full of fun and excitement for the coming big event, “The ISN Christmas Show”! We spent practicing for the music performance using their castanets and bells. Paying attention to the teacher’s instructions helped them to play their musical instruments in the same rhythm together. Canyon students are thrilled to perform in front of the crowd. We have set 3 goals for better performance. First, say with a big voice, Second, move with a big gesture and Third, always smile. They showed their best in their practice and we are excited to get on the stage with confidence. We made a Christmas countdown card and after each practice, they received a reward sticker for doing their best.


We all cooperated in making the big Turnip for our prop. All the kids helped together to crumple the newspaper lightly and fill in the plastic bag until it was full. They were so amazed when they saw the big turnip they made. Dear parents, please cheer for the kids and encourage them to smile and be confident on the stage. Please enjoy the show!



We read a book “The Colour Monster”. It is about the monster which has a different feeling. Each feeling has its corresponding color. Yellow means happy, red is angry, blue is sad, black is scared, and green is calm. On that day, we asked each of the students their feelings and tried to color their monster. They answered honestly and after that, we interviewed them for the reasons why they were happy, sad, scared, angry, and calm.


Thank you for this week, keep warm and have a relaxing weekend.