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Where am I? Rainforest 4/22 – 4/26

The inquiry about what it means to be healthy is still on. Our little inquirers are diving deeper and discovering more information about the topic. To make sure that everyone was on the same page, the whole class had a self-evaluation using SOLO TAXONOMY. Since the inquiry is just in the first phase of the cycle, it is expected that most of the students are still in limbo and trying to make sense of everything they have been learning. Their honest assessment will help the inquiry to be more fruitful and productive; everyone is assured of having support and encouragement to go further and in the end, will have a satisfying inquiry experience.

ウェルビーイングの一つである”健康”とは何かについて、探究はまだまだ継続中です。子ども達は、このトピックについて知ろうとしたり、多くの知識を見出そうとしたりしていますが、全員が共通の学びを理解していることを確認するため、SOLO TAXONOMYを使った自己評価を行いました。ほとんどの子どもがまだ初心者の状態で、これまで学んできたことの意味を理解しようとしている段階です。全員がさらに前進するためのサポートと励ましを受け、最終的には満足のいく探究体験ができるように取り組みたいと思います。

The Rainforest class is still getting to know the Bossy R in Phonics: Last week, we looked into words that have /ar/ sound; we read, wrote, and played with the sounds until everyone got used to hearing the sound and pronouncing it correctly, and we did the same for /or/ sound. After that, we had a mini-game where students needed to read a word, find the picture that matches the word, and compile it on paper. It was fun and students were seen self-correcting their pronunciation especially when saying a word with controlled vowels.

少しずつ違いが分かるようになってきたBossy”R”。 先週は、/ar /の音を持つ単語を調べ、全員がその音を聞き取り、正しい発音に慣れるまで、読んだり、書いたり、音で遊んだりしました。その後、単語を読み、その単語に合う絵を見つけ、紙にまとめるというミニゲームをしました。理解できるようになると活動への意欲も増し、特にBossy ”R”を言うときには、自分で発音を直している姿が見られました。

Happy Birthday to our dear birthday celebrations! The birthday bash for the students born in April was held this week and the celebration was filled not just with laughter and smiles from the participants but also with magic! The whole campus had a great time watching the host, Ms. Ayako, as she does her magic for everyone! We look forward to celebrating with our friends in May and for more excitement and fun!

4月生まれのお友達、お誕生日おめでとう!今週、誕生会がありました。子ども達の笑顔と笑い声そしてMs. Ayakoの手品で、よりパーティーは盛り上がりました。来月の誕生会も楽しみです。

Our Park day was canceled due to the bad weather. But our energetic Rainforest students did not frown because of this, but instead used this opportunity to relax their minds and be creative! Their craft turns out to be perfect, beautiful in the eyes, and very inspiring!


Have a wonderful long weekend, everyone!

and always remember: Be healthy and eat balance; make sure your plates always have Go, Grow, and Glow types of foods!

This is the dance song we do starting this week. If you have time, why don’t you try it.