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ROAD SAFETY- Canyon May 27th-30th

This week we had a “Safety Traffic Drill.” We had visitors from the City Hall, and they explained the dos and don’ts when on the road, helped our little ones practice how to cross the road properly.🚸 They learned that they should look on their right and left side, put their hand up, and check the traffic light. If it’s green, they can go, and if it’s red, they need to stop.🚦

They also taught them some important rules such as always fastening the seatbelt, not letting the kids unbuckle it by themselves, holding the parent’s hand when walking on the road and even in the parking lot. When not able to hold hands, they should hold onto the family member’s clothes or other items of clothing. The kids must carry their bags by themselves so the parents can hold their hand.

今週は 、安全交通教室が行われました。松本警察署の方とかわいいリスのマスコットが来てくれて、道路を横断する際の注意事項を説明し、正しく道路を横断する方法を練習するのを手伝ってくださいました🚸 子どもたちは、右と左を見ること、手を上げること、信号を確認することを学びました!






This month, two of our youngsters turned 4! They enjoyed their birthday party at school by singing a song, playing a game, and doing a dance exercise with all their friends on the campus. Happy birthday!!!


As we started planting tomatoes in our schoolyard, our little ones are practicing how to be caring by taking care of their plants through checking, watering, and giving them sunlight. Everybody is so excited to see their tomatoes grow!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!