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Taking Actions: Rainforest 5/27 – 5/31

The Rainforest class has finally arrived at the last stage of their inquiry, The Taking Actions stage.

After inquiring about “well-being” for 2 months, our inquirers finally took action. They shared their findings with the whole campus by making posters to spread awareness of the importance of achieving and keeping our well-being healthy.



Before this, we all reviewed the questions posted on our Wonder Wall. It was just amazing to see everyone exchanging information and knowledge from their inquiry and answering the different queries about well-being. Everyone was confident in sharing their ideas and opinions, informing everyone about what they had learned.


Also, we had a guessing game where each student would pick a card and act out what is in it, and the other students would decide what action is it and if it is exercise or not.


Our reading and writing this week was super fun. Our little inquirers had some jump-out word hunting. Each student was tasked to pick a book and look for some sight words, which they needed to list in their notebook. Everyone worked hard and practiced reading and writing.


Before we end this blog, we also like to share our experience inquiring about 3D Shapes during our Morning Circle time. It was our first time to sit down and get to know some of the 3D shapes around us. We realized that things around us are not just flat shapes but 3D, like a party hat that we use for birthday parties are cone shapes, cans cylinders, and more. We are looking forward to discovering many more objects that are in 3D shapes in the future.


3D shapes around us!

See you all in the next blog!