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All About Fine Motor Skills (Canyon March 9-13)

Fine motor skills are achieved when children learn to use their smaller muscles, like muscles in the hands, fingers, and wrists. Children use their fine motor skills when writing, holding small items, buttoning clothing, turning pages, eating, and cutting with scissors.


Blocks (wooden and plastic) is one of the best educational toys for children that helps improve fine motor skills.


Manipulating playdough helps to strengthen hand muscles and develop control over the fingers.


Working with a brush or small tool helps develop fine motor skills (small muscle control). Painting also helps develop your child’s hand eye coordination.


Putting fingers in the right places on keys also shows good fine motor coordination and skills.


For literacy and numeracy…
Using magnetic letters, Canyon formed simple CVC words. They named the pictures and chose the letters that make those words. Next, they counted the blocks and wrote the corresponding number on the board.

読み書き、数字の学習では…  キャニオンさん達は、磁石のアルファベットを使って、選んだ絵と合うCVC単語(子音+母音+子音で構成された単語)を作りました。別の日のレッスンでは、先生が出したブロックの数を数え、その後その数字を指名したお友達にホワイトボードに書いてもらいました。学んで数字を思いだしながら、上手に書けていました。Good job!!

The class had a chance to meet Cocoro, Aurora student’s pet. The owner taught us how he takes care of it like giving her food and brushing its hair. They were also able to touch it and it was so gentle and kind. Thanks for this experience.


That’s all. Enjoy the weekend!