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As One Chapter Ends, Another Begins! RF 10/4-8

This week as children concluded unit 2 in the phonic program, they really showcased how much they have learned in the past 3 months. Through the activities we observed how they are able to apply all the knowledge they have learned in the tasks. Whether it was finding compound words or look alike words, they were able to work together to find the answers. It was glorious to see how their lightbulbs went on and all the things they used to struggle with are now becoming clearer!


As one chapter ends, another begins. This saying could not be more true as we begin a new unit in our UOI lesson, while bidding farewell to the Melbourne University students who have been observing our class in the past three weeks. We hope that they have enjoyed their time with us. On the last day, the children all gathered around the computer to say goodbye.


This week’s UOI focused on the theme of celebrations, in particular with birthdays. Children shared what they know about celebration, we talked about the purpose, tradition, and symbols of the birthday celebrations. The children learned how other children celebrate their birthdays in other countries by watching a few short clips.  Some were surprising, some were so interesting that they wished they could celebrate their birthdays in those countries. Many of them have chosen the British style of hiding a coin in the cake signifying becoming rich in the future, or the Chinese noodles that signified long life, or hitting a piñata in the Mexican style. We then talked about what are the traditions of how each one of us celebrates our birthdays.  It was quite unique to hear the traditions of how we celebrate our birthdays.

今週のUOIでは、「お祝い事」をテーマに、特に誕生日に焦点を当てました。子どもたちはお祝い事について知っていることを話し、私たちは誕生日のお祝いの目的、伝統、シンボル(お祝いを象徴するもの)について話しました。子どもたちは、他の国の子どもたちがどのように誕生日を祝っているのか、いくつかの短い動画を見て学びました。 驚くようなものもあれば、自分もその国で誕生日を祝えたらいいなと思うような、楽しいものもありました。ケーキの中に隠されたコインを見つけると、将来お金持ちになることを意味するイギリス式や、長寿を願って麺を食べる中国式、ピニャータ(くす玉)を割ってお祝いするメキシコ式などがお気に入りになったようです。そして、みんながお家でする誕生日のお祝いにはどのような習慣や伝統があるのか、みんなで話しました。

Whether it is playing indoor or outdoor, it is never too much! The children are becoming more creative with their play each day. Some love to pretend-play with stuffed animals, while some dress up to have a BBQ party and prepare a whole course meal together. Then there are others who love to use their imagination to create things. Whatever the job calls for, they are on it! This is how the children learn to process what they have learned and incorporate the skills into their play.  While playing outdoors, they also learned problem solving and how best they can play harmoniously with others. On the way back from our walk, we stopped and picked a pomegranate to try in class. Some children commented it was too sour, while some said it was sweet. Nonetheless, they all couldn’t stop asking for more!

屋内で遊ぶにしても、屋外で遊ぶにしても、決して多すぎることはありません。 子どもたちは日に日に遊び方がクリエイティブになってきています。ぬいぐるみで遊ぶのが好きな子もいれば、ドレスアップしてBBQパーティーをして、みんなでコース料理を作るのが好きな子もいます。また、想像力を働かせて物を作るのが好きな子もいます。子どもたちは、どんな仕事でもやり遂げます。このようにして、子どもたちは学んだことを処理し、そのスキルを遊びに取り入れることを学びます。 屋外での遊びの中で、子どもたちは問題解決や他の人たちと調和して遊ぶ方法を学びました。散歩の帰り道、クラスで秋の実りを学ぼうと、ざくろを摘みました。「酸っぱい」という子もいれば、「甘い」という子もいました。でも、みんな「もっと食べたい!」と言っていました。

As Halloween approaches children are loving the chances of making Halloween crafts! They listened carefully to the instructions on how to construct their masterpieces. They used their creativity to design the Halloween wreath, as well as making a paper ghost. All of the wreaths are unique and really showcased their personalities! 


This month the children continue to practice their addition skill, along with reviewing the place value.  They are learning how to write the equations, as well as, solving the addition problems. While some said it was too easy, some struggle to keep up with the lessons. No matter where each child is at their learning stage, some are able to work independently, while others work one- on- one with a teacher, or in a group setting. They understand that we are all on the same boat and we all need to help each other, and that is the beauty of learning. 

今月は、足し算の練習と、位の数の復習をしています。 式の書き方や足し算の問題の解き方を学んでいます。「簡単すぎ」と言う子もいれば、「授業についていくのが難しい」という子もいます。子どもたちの学習段階に関わらず、一人で学習できる子もいれば、先生と一対一で学習する子、グループで学習する子もいます。みんな同じ船に乗っていて、お互いに助け合う必要があることを理解していて、それこそが学習の素晴らしさなのです。