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What’s your favorite scent? (SV/RF May 16-20)

Warmer days means more outdoor activities and fun! This week the children enjoyed some outdoor play pretending to be moms and babies having a party or driving around with “cars” they have made using hoops and jump ropes. Some children were digging for special rocks and bugs, while some went around the yard collecting herbs and vegetables for their cooking. No matter what it may be, the children’s imaginations and creativity filled the yard this week. The children also did a great job walking to the park and enjoyed a change of scene once a week. 

We are coming to the end of LOI 1 where we conclude the roles and responsibilities of the family members. The children are gaining an understanding of what it means to be part of the family, as well as the roles and responsibilities they hold. This week we spent some time role playing the different scenarios of things the family does.  The children did an excellent job playing the skits. It was pretty impressive!   But the highlight of the assignment was the “I promise to be a good helper” booklet. We hope you will spend some time looking over what your child has promised to try at home. 
私たちはLOI1家族の役割と責任についてのまとめに入りました。子どもたちは、家族の一員であることが何を意味するのか、そして彼らが果たす役割と責任について理解を深めました。今週は、家族が行うさまざまなシナリオを演じるアクティビティをしました。みんなとても素晴らしいロールプレーを演じてくれました👏 今週の課題のハイライトは「お手伝いの約束」という小冊子を作ったことです。子どもたちが自分でお手伝いリストの中からやってみたい、やってあげたいお手伝いにチェックマークを入れて、それをお家の人とシャアします。お家で試してみると約束したお手伝いの数々を是非お家でじっくりと見ていただきたいと思います。

The children had a blast observing the various herbs and vegetables during the workstation this week. Among the herbs were basil, rosemary, thyme, dill, cilantro, parsley, and mint. Other vegetables are leek, green onions, garland chrysanthemum, perilla, wild sesame, and houttuynia cordata. The children rubbed the herbs and smelled the different scents, some had their faces twisted with disgust while others showed a pleasant look and said, “ smells good! I like it!” Some children commented that they had tasted some food. It was certainly a fun activity and we hope you have enjoyed their sharing when they took home the plants. 

We continued the math activities by counting the letters in the children’s names, in addition to counting the letters in the color words. The children compared and contrasted whose names are longer or shorter. In the phonic lessons the children learned the letter sounds of c, k, u and used them to blend more CVC words. While in writing, the children finished learning all the diving letters (b, h, p, r, n, m,), they were all focused and tried their best to make each stroke.  Great job everyone!