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SV/RF July 11-15

We went on our first bug hunt to the ALPs park this week. We had our bug hunt charts and nature bags with us as we walked through the park. Right off the bat, we spotted some butterflies and spiders near the bushes, as we walked we discovered ants working hard carrying their food and a dead caterpillar back to their home. The children checked off the bugs they had seen on the list, as they questioned where we could find the woodlouse, we talked about where they live then realized they live under the logs in the woods. We moved on the dense wood area and sure enough beneath the logs were the woodlouse wiggled around. While we were in the woods, we came upon the empty beehive and some empty shells of the cicadas. The children were so excited to check off the bugs we had seen in that short two hours visit. We were able to squeeze in some playground time afterwards. It was such an adventurous trip and we cannot wait to see more of it when we visit other places! 

As we mentioned in our last blog, we have welcomed more pets into our class this week. In order to observe the living creatures around us closer, we added a terrarium for the snail and placed the pupas of the beetles into separate containers until they mature into adults. We cannot wait to see our beetles hatch from their pupas and start roaming around their cases. The children were fascinated with how these creepy crawlers move and they just cannot stop watching them during the free play time. 


In order to understand more about the honeybees, we had a mini experiment to help explain the pollination process. Using the powder flour as pollen, the children pretended to be the flowers as the teacher played the role of a honeybee. They got to see how the (teacher) bee dashed her”feet” into the powdered flour in the palms of their hands and spread the “pollen” onto another child flower. In this fashion, the children learned that by pollination the bees helped the plants and flowers grow. They further understood that only honeybees can provide the sweet and succulent honey that we all love by tasting a spoonful of it. We also mentioned without the honeybees we probably won’t be able to enjoy most of the fruits and vegetables.  We hope that the next time the children see a honeybee they won’t be so terrified by it, but grow to appreciate the beauty of this little creature! 

This week we started a new approach for the children to learn about the learner profiles.  Everyday the children are challenged to be a certain learner they wish to be. At the end of the day we talk together to see if the children have observed their friends being a certain learner that day. While some children exhibited more than one learner profile, those who didn’t make good choices get to reflect on their own behaviors and consider trying their best the next day. In this way, we hope the children will learn to understand the meaning of each learner profile, as well as strive to develop such a character as the days go on. 


The children have also started to prepare items for our insect garden in class by making butterfly and bee crafts. This is an ongoing project where the children will continue to add insects and minibeasts crafts into the garden. The garden will be officially set up in the weeks to come. 


It is always fun to help the teachers set up activities for our class. The children helped make the puppet stand in preparation for new activities we will implement in the months to come. We hope by introducing this new activity the children will grow to love literacy and pretend play. 


We have started to write simple CVC words such as cat, dog and pig by sounding out the letter sounds. It is still the initial stage so most of the children are not familiar with it yet. However, we know as we continue to brush up their phonic skills they will be able to blend sounds and make words in no time!


Thank you so much for coming to the Gym Open Day event last week. The children really had a blast interacting and exercising with their parents and they all commented how they want to do it again. Your participation is always vital to the learning of your child and we really appreciate all your participation. We hope you have enjoyed the event as well.  

先週はジム参観にお越しいただき、ありがとうございました。子どもたちは、とても喜んでいましたね♪ お父さん、お母さんと一緒に運動ができてとても幸せそうでした!皆様のご参加に本当に感謝しています。皆様もイベントを楽しんでいただけたでしょうか。

This week a child in class made slime at home and brought it for show and tell. He promised the children once the slime becomes stretchable he will bring them back to share. The children are really looking forward to playing with the slimes! Thank you for sharing! 


Road safety event was so much fun! The personnels from the Matsumoto City Traffic Safety Center came and shared three main points with us. We learned: 1) Put on our seatbelts when traveling in the cars, 2) Don’t play in the parking areas and always hold an adult’s hand when walking in it, 3) Stop and watch at each pedestrian walks or whenever we are crossing the roads. We practiced how to use the pedestrian walk and watch for the traffic light signs, as well as raising our hands when crossing the road. We will share this information with our parents!