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The more friends the merrier! SV/RF 7/22

This week in our UOI lessons we were as busy as the honey bees! In order to understand how butterflies and bees sipping nectars with their proboscis we made an imitation of the “proboscis”, the straw-like tube that helps the butterflies and honeybees collect nectars. The children pretended to be those insects and went around the class to collect their nectars. 

今週のUOIレッスンでは、みんなは、ハチミツを集めているミツバチと同じくらい忙しかったです🐝 蝶やミツバチがどのように蜜を吸うのかを理解するために、蜜を集める時に使うチューブ「口吻」について模倣しました。(写真をご覧ください)みんなは蝶やミツバチのチューブのように曲ったストローを、昆虫のふりをして、クラスを回りながら蜜を集めました👏

The lesson went on to talk about the ladybugs, beetles, and ants. As children discover the characteristics of each insect, they learn how unique each insect is and are fascinated by them. Each discussion revealed the knowledge they have carried away with each study of the insects and minibeasts. 


We have decorated our insect garden and now the children are having a blast searching for bugs in it! Thanks to the two middle school students who came to observe the class this week, their involvement with the children made the lessons more dynamic.


We have also added a few more minibeasts to our science area. A caterpillar, a grub we’ve found in the vegetable garden and the beetles that one of our friends brought to share daily. As for the dormant beetle pupas, they have emerged from their shells and are on the way to become adult beetles!


In math, the children have started practicing writing numbers up to 10. Some children still write some numbers backwards, through these activities we hope they will master the number writing skills.


In science, the students observed the rocks and its substances. They looked closely at whether the rock they have selected is heavier or lighter, rough or smooth, and drew the color and shape of it on their observation report. 


Our vegetable garden has yielded many vegetables in the past month. We were able to enjoy the fresh organic vegetables both at school and to share with the families. We hope you will enjoy the produce your child will be bringing home if you haven’t already. 


The children continue to enjoy the free play time and work through their differences. We have noticed the conversation between them increased and from time to time we hear the echoes of laughter among both boys and girls. It is such a beautiful exchange when they are having fun socializing and have a giggle together!