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Never ending fun in the UOI lessons! SVRF 3/10

I can’t believe we have come to the end of our UOI lessons! It has been such a wonderful year learning together with the children about bonding with families, insects and creepy crawlers, the elements of stories and creative expressions, as well as how community helpers assist our daily lives! As our ending project, the children made a community to role play in.  They made essential workers’ buildings, community helper and family puppets, roads, their own houses, and using some toy vehicles they role played in the community. It was fascinating to see them utilizing what they have learned and incorporating these concepts into their plays. Thanks to all the families for all your support this year! 
もうUnit4が終わってしまったなんて信じられません。Unit 1 家族との絆、Unit 2 昆虫やミニビースト、Unit 3 物語や創造的な表現の要素、そして Unit 4 地域のヘルパーが私たちの日常生活をどのように支援するか、について色々と学んび、子ども達にとって素晴らしい1年となりました!今回のUnit4の最終プロジェクト(サマティブアセスメント)として、子ども達は自分たちのコミュニティを作りました。コミュニティヘルパーの建物、コミュニティヘルパーと家族の紙人形、道路、自分の家を作り、ロールプレーをして遊びました。このユニットで学んだことを活かし、それらの概念をロールプレーに取り入れているのを見るのはとても興味深いことでした。ご家族の皆様、来年度もご協力、どうぞよろしくお願いいたします!

It was such pleasant spring weather this week and the children were able to have a bit more fun when we went out to the big park.  It just felt like there is never enough time to play outside! We absolutely loved it! 

The children continued being challenged with exercises that strengthen their inner cores. They have to learn how to maintain their balance while maneuvering their ways through the hoops. It was difficult, but all the children loved it! 

Reading and phonic lessons have become more of a challenge for most children in class. Although it takes us longer to get through the lessons, the children continue to plow through those challenges and learn how to decode lengthier words.

During free play, the children love writing letters to their friends and teachers, in addition, learning how to type letters on the PC pretending to be the police officers working at the station. Some like making crafts as an extension of the project they have done in class. How beautiful it is to see them blossoming and becoming independent learners! 

The children love watching show-and-tells of their friends sharing the projects they have made at home. They continue to blow our minds with the marvelous projects they came up with! 
子ども達はShow & Tellが大好きで、お家で作ってきた色々なプロジェクトをシェアしています。みんなの素晴らしいプロジェクトは、私たちをいつも驚かせてくれます!

For the high frequency word practice, we started to review the words we have been seeing since the beginning of this school year. We have also changed the game from sight word slap game to sight word baseball game. The children all learned how to play “baseball” for the first time. They loved it!

Last but not least, we practiced the huge earthquake drill and exited from the second floor for the first time. Everyone did well, and remembered the rules when the drill happened. Kudos children!!