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Rainforest Halloween Crafts and a Fire Truck: October 10-13

This week’s highlight was Halloween crafts galore! Rainforest’s creativity and imagination were amazing! I have 2 bats and I like my orange evening sky. Look at my cute ghost. This is a one eye spider!


The class had a brief overview of the different Japanese festivals – food, tradition, clothes associated with the festivals like Shici-gosan, Obon, Oshogatsu. Other festivals mentioned were Hina Doll Festival, Kodomo-no-hi, Setsubun. We gathered information from our past experiences and from books “I Live in Tokyo” by Mari Takabayashi and “Japanese Celebrations for Children” by Betty Reynolds.

The class had to decide on 2 Japanese festivals for more in-depth studies. A Flow Chart was introduced to capture their decision-making. Firstly, they had to make a Yes or No decision. And if yes why, or no why? Finally, do you want to learn more about it? We listed reasons and voted. The top 2 festivals were Setsubun and Oshogatsu.

Firefighter from Nagisa Fire Station visited the school. The big red fire truck was a hit! Till next week, have a great weekend!

UOIでは、日本のさまざまな祭りについて、食べ物、伝統、七五三の服装、お盆、お正月などを絵本などから調べました。その他にも、雛人形、こどもの日、節分などについても触れました。子ども達は、これまで経験したお祝いを思い出したり、絵本Takahashi Mari著「I Live in Tokyo」、ベティ・レイノルズ著「Japanese Celebrations for Children」から情報を集めました。