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“See-Think-Wonder” by Savanna 10/10 – 10/13

And just like that, the unit of inquiry two has come to an end! We have concluded the inquiry with an unforgettable exhibition participated by the whole school community!


Now, moving forward to the next unit of inquiry! The start has been nothing but exciting: These past four days were used as provocation days to stimulate the curiosity of our inquirers. They have been exposed to different activities that are connected to the next subject: Songs, dance, pictures, games, etc. and instead of telling them right away what is the next unit about, we have come up with a new routine which they will use from now forward, The thinking routine: SEE, THINK and WONDER! In every activity, they need not just accomplish the task, but also, they need to SEE and OBSERVE, THINK and ANALYZE, and WONDER and ASK QUESTIONS, because everything is connected to UOI. Some of their comments and guesses are: Is it about people? Is it about different festivals? Or is it about countries? and many more! We all can’t wait to sit down, navigate our curiosity, and finally come up with the Lines of Inquiries of this unit!

さぁ、次の探究テーマに進みましょう!今週4日間は、次のユニットに関して小さな探究者たちの好奇心を引き出す週にしました。こちらからそのユニットが何であるかは伝えず、次のテーマにつながる、歌、ダンス、絵、ゲームなどのさまざまなアクティビティに触れ、そのユニットが何であるかを推測しました。クラスではこれから、SEE(見る)、THINK(考える)、WONDER(不思議に思う)のステップからなる、「Thinking Routine(考えるルーティン)」を使っていくことにしました!すべての活動において、単に課題を達成するだけではなく、「見て観察する」、「考えて分析する」、そして「不思議に思い、質問する」必要があります。次のユニットが何かを考えてみて、子どもたちからは、「人々についてかな?」、「いろいろなお祭りについて?」、「それとも国について?」など、他にも沢山の意見が出ました。

We had special visitors this week: they are the heroes of our community, one of the groups of people that are responsible for the safety of everybody, the FIREFIGHTERS! They commended everybody for a job-well-done evacuation drill, everybody knew how to evacuate safely and attentively. After that, they showed us how to properly use the fire extinguishers in an unpleasant event! Some of the teachers tried to use it while the whole campus watched and learned how it should be done. The drill was very informative and exciting!


To wrap up this week’s events, the whole Savanna class headed to the field to harvest the fruit of their labor! At the beginning of this school year, the class was given the chance to mingle with our local farmers and plant sweet potatoes. The experience was surreal and one of the unforgettable moments for our kids. Now, a couple of months later, the harvest season has finally come. Off we went and joined our dear farmers to dig and uproot the sweet potatoes to share and enjoy with everybody!



Have a wonderful weekend and always remember, whatever we may do, to SEE, THINK, and WONDER!