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Rainforest Celebrates World Festivals: Festa Carnival, Chinese New Year and Le Vu Lan – November 13-17

Rainforest went round the world this week! We had a Festa Carnival from Brazil, brought to us by parents and friends of Savanna. We learned greetings in Portugese – Hello is Oi or Ola, Goog morning is Bon Dia. Our guest speakers shared more about Brazil – samba dance, music and carnival! The students made musical instruments and we had our very own carnival in class.

今週は外国の文化に触れることができました!サバンナクラスのご両親とお友達がブラジルのカーニバルについてお話してくれました。私たちは、ポルトガル語で、こんにちははOiまたはOla、おはようはBon Diaということも学びました。ゲストスピーカーの方々から、サンバダンス、音楽、カーニバルなど、ブラジルについて詳しく教えていただきました。みんなで、クイーカやマラカスなどの楽器を作り、クラスでカーニバルを楽しみました!

Another featured festival was Chinese New Year and the students found out some similarities. There are red packets with money in them given to children during Chinese New Year in January or February. There are 12 animals zodiac signs. That is similar to otoshidama! Rainforest said. We learned a Chinese New Year songs, and watched stories about the Monster Nian and the Animals Zodiac Race. Rainforest had a few birthdays boys and girls for the month of November. We celebrated their birthdays by singing the Happy Birthday song in French and Chinese!



We made a dragon craft too and had a dragon dance in the schoolyard. Someone asked why a dragon? We found out from the book, “World Holidays” that the loud noises from Dragon Dance and Lion Dance chase bad luck away. On the first day of Chinese New Year, children will greet their parents with two mandarin oranges. In turn, children receive fancy red packets with moneys as gifts. Rainforest tried saying some Chinese New Year greetings – Xin Nian Kuai Le 新年快乐 which means Happy New Year, and Xie Xie 谢谢 which means thank you. Rainforest noticed that “the words are like kanji!” Good observation, Rainforest. They have become really good Thinkers.


We had a guest speaker from Vietnam who shared about a festival called Le Vu Lan and this was similar to Obon. On that day, loved ones who have passed away are remembered. In this festival, flower candles are made. These are floated on rivers and wishes are made. Families and friends gather and give each other flowers too. Rainforest recalled that “the festival is in August. There are purple flower candles. Vietnam festival is the same as Japanese festival Obon!”


Till next week, take care. Have a lovely weekend.